If football goes away, do you care?

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      I used to love football — both the NFL and College and even High School.  Now, I no longer care.  I was wondering if there are other people like me out there.  The irony of it all is I love sports.  Used to be an athlete.

      But I am getting sick of hearing prima donna athletes bitching constantly.  They make so much money it isn’t even funny and have opportunities other people will never get and they still complain.  Then, they think they are doing something special!

      Playing a game is not special.  It is a game.  Want to see special?  Go see a surgeon or a guy flying an airplane full of people or a guy building a skyscraper.  That is special.

      Frankly, I don’t care if football goes away for forever.  Trust me, there are more fun things to do out there than sitting on a couch or in a sports bar.


      How many ways is there to say……




      Once the NFL players decided they wanted to be activists (and disrespect the fans and their nation) and not “professional” athletes, that is when I stopped watching not just full games, but even the highlights too.


      I even stop going to the official league web-site (for scores/standings), so as I do not give them any ad dollars from it.


      As the covid expects have been telling many people, those businesses forced closed are considered “non-essential”.



      I’m so glad Andy Reid got his SB ring last year when the league was somewhat back to normal. Now with that said, FK the NFL.


        Me caring about sports?

        Absolutely Unlikely



        Well entertainment (movie-, music- ans sport industry) brings in so much money that it is obvious they get paid more than a surgeon etc. Or do you want them to give it all to charity or something?

        Also, obviously rich people have the right to express themselves, just as any other guy. If they are bitching about how tough it is to be an athlete and train so much then it’s ridiculous ofc, but they have the same right to complain about things as a dude on a Geeks & Gamers forum


        They have every right to say what they want…We have every right to tune out and not listen. Numbers were already dropping at terminal velocity last season. After people realize how much virtue signalling will be included going forward, I’m sure many more will follow suit and tune out.

        Personally, I’m really on the fence. I love football and my Miami Dolphins. I’ve been a fan since I could watch TV and know what I’m watching. However they have literally become the poster child team for this entire virtue signaling movement reverberating throughout the NFL. I don’t agree with the way the team and NFL are kowtowing to the propaganda spewing out of the media on all fronts and topics lately. I don’t know if I’m going to watch if there are any games played this season and even if I do, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stomach the BS….really sucks to be honest but all good things must come to an end!


        I live close to Tampa, most of the time it felt like I was watching a comedy. (*drafting a kicker in the second round)

        The biggest offseason move in the history of the Bucs and the season is in jeopardy.

        Was hoping Brady could save this team.

        Things might change after the election but not counting on it.

        If it implodes, oh well…




        The NFL has to look closely at what the other north american leagues are doing.


        MLB: I can see more teams being force to forfeit games as they “protocols” look lousy.

        See how “hub-cities”might work for them.


        Eh not really. I have plenty of NCAA Football games to keep me company if college doesn’t come back. From what I know, the SEC has no plans to cancel their seasons, but who knows at this point. I don’t care much for the NFL, so they could cancel the whole season for all I care.


        I do not watch the NFL as frequently as I used to due to SJW propaganda. It was Colin Kaepernick that stop me from watching the NFL completely for a couple of years. I came back for the Super Bowl this past season and for the NFL draft. However, now that its back to the SJW agenda, I will be sticking to college football for the time being.

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