If SJWs want more representation give them this instead

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    Everytime I hear things like how SJWs want more Gay representation in movies, TV, Books and games, all I have to say to that is…

    ……yes we should have more Gay representation in TV, Books, and games…..we don’t see enough overly happy characters that constantly think positive in movies, books and TV these days.

    What we should do is a tell the SJWs that we’re gonna make Batman become Gay in a movie and have it where Batman becomes….super positive instead of dark, brooding and negative like he usually is in his previous appearances in movies and TV then have him smiling all the time in every scene with him in it, have him constantly say nice things to everyone including his enemies then have him kiss Catwoman then marry her and the two become extremely happy together and never argue as a couple.

    Then after let the SJWs see the film and watch as they get angry at you and ask “But you said you were gonna make Batman…Gay? He isn’t Gay, he just married Catwoman at the end of the film and the two smiled like idiots to one another the whole time and were extremely happy?”

    Then you reply “Well isn’t that what you guys wanted the entire time? You said you wanted more Gay Representation and I gave you it…Batman is Gay.”

    Then you watch as the SJWs squirm and freak out then they say to you “Batman is not Gay in your movie you made us watch!!!!! He married a woman and is smiling like an idiot the entire time along with being overly happy along positive!!!!!”

    Then you reply “Oh you mean homosexual? You misinterpreted what I said SJWs, when you asked for Batman to be Gay….I thought you meant you wanted Batman to be happy cause Gay means happy also and was the original definition of the word. I usually refer to a homosexuals as homosexuals, and Gay I use to refer to happiness of all people no matter their sexual preference.I once had homosexual neighbours that were never happy with each other and always fought then ultimately divorced….they were not a very happy couple and ended up finding a new same sex partners.”

    Then you say okay I’ll make it up to you SJWs and make another movie this time it will represent L from the movement then you make a movie about a Greek family from the island of Lesbos then you get the SJWs to watch it, you see them freak out and they ask you “Where are the Ls? This film had no Ls in it?”

    Then you say “Oh I thought you wanted a movie about people from the Greek Island of Lesbos. There are very few actors and actresses represented on screen from the Greek island of Lesbos.”

    Then you tell the SJWs you are gonna make a movie about the B part of the movement and you make a movie showing books and novels that show the word “By” followed by the author’s name and everyone in the movie has to say a sentence that says things like “I’m by…..the vending machine.” Or “Go by passed the tree and turn a left by the 7/11.” Or “good bye everyone”

    Then the SJWs watching that film will be like….”I’m bored and there were no B in the movie.” Then you say I thought you wanted more By representation and wanted people to say the word By more throughout the movie.”

    Then when you get to the T part of the representation with the SJWs….you make a new Transformers movie that isn’t set in the Michael Bay universe but set in a totally new film universe where the Autobots and Decipticons are the main characters in it instead of the Humans and make it awesome and truer to the Transformers canon and lore than what Bay did.

    And watch as the SJWs’ heads explode over how you did Transformers as in the 1980s transforming robot franchise based on the toys from Hasbro and Takara to represent more transforming alien robots films on screen instead of the T that the SJWs want.

    Then of the SJWs say “You’re a troll!!!!!”

    You reply “I’m not a troll….I’m a level 87 Orc Warrior in WoW”

    And see the SJWs snap further which would be funny.













    Or, and I will borrow this quote, but make every male character a

    Masculine Presenting Transgender Lesbian

    If they object, tell them “Are you against the trans community?  Are you against the lesbian community?”

    And watch them get mental right in front of your eyes.

    They have no answer to it.

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