In-n-Out Burger just Meh

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      No Secret  here, I was born and raised in Cali until I escaped. But, having had access to “In-n-Out” and many other chains I will tell you right here right now “In-n-Out” is not that good.

      If you want the Best Burgers in California you need to go to one of the “Ruby’s” restaurants
      Now you want the BEST book a trip on any of the California offshore fishing boats, You have to notify your cardiologist before having one.

      Now rest of the country, Whataburger blows In-n-Out away. Hell Sonic is even better. And if you are in the South, lets be honest many Gas Stations have better burgers than most chains. Southern Gas Stations are NOT what most people are use to for sure, Walk in and see this smell hits your nose that goes “Did my Grandma start working here or Did my Grandma come back to life and start cooking here” because many of them have that smell and you will learn for a reason. Many of them are family owned and family recipes being cooked… God Bless the South and God help my Heart lol.

      So who really thinks In-n-Out is that great and what do you compare it to?


      Having been a professional chef in my former life, from my perspective, I find almost all food outside my own kitchen is meh. I have not had a hamburger outside my own kitchen in decades that was better than what I can produce with good quality ground meat and other fresh ingredients.

      I mean, if you are someone that loves the takeout burger, more power to you. Not everyone can be a chef for themselves, so I get that, but I personally find take out burgers consistently greezy, improperly cooked, and poorly assembled. Not to mention, I don’t trust any restaurant of any kind these days to serve me high quality ground meat. And even before the Coof, knowing what I know about kitchens, I have severe hesitations to order anything from a kitchen I can’t see with my own eyes.

      I could tell you horror stories.

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        Took a look at the Ruby’s menu, but there’s no pictures 😭 Have to rely on my imagination i guess…

        There is a picture of thesse milkshakes though 😋😋😋 i want milkshake

        goku drooling

        Immagine 2021-05-01 231018

        Not everyone can be a chef for themselves

        , i just learnt how to make chicken nuggets in the microwave without burning them 🤣🤣🤣


        @Roas, i just learnt how to make chicken nuggets in the microwave without burning them 🤣🤣🤣


        You poor poor creature. At least use the oven, not the microwave!


          OMG Microwave? Is the worse thing ever invented for food.
          Your Oven, BBQ, Press, Griddle, Pan are what you cook with.  It actually takes less time to cook a excellent meal than cook a plastic one in a Nuclear Reactor.

          This forum needs a cooking forum!
          I will start with the drinks :)
          SAIL AWAY


          Good topic. Things have changes. It also might depend on location. Twenty years ago, In N Out was good. It tasted good and I liked the experience. You are entirely correct now that In N Out tastes bad and is sloppy and low quality. I went there last week and it was very bad. Ten years ago, a friend visited from France and wanted to go, so we went and he was disappointed. We tried FatBurger the next day and he was happier. The hype about all these places is short-lived. Same thing with Chik-Fil-A or Popeye’s. I have yet to have a good experience with either one.


          If I want a good burger I sure as hell dont go to In n out.

          There is a place 6 – 7 miles from me called California burger. Survice is terrible. Cook is slow as hell. But when the burger gets to you its actually good.


            @comicsgate, you just made me smile a little, I had forgot all about Fatburger, it was a guilty pleasure when I went to LA. Glad to hear they are still in business and still serving good burgers.

            Now go to Rubys on Newport Pier during a Grunion run :)


            Another hole in the wall burger joint I know of is in Davis. Was originally called murder burger but some pantywaste sued them so they had to change it to red rum burger.

            1/2# burger and perhaps a 1/2# of fries will cost you $18 and its just amazing. Every burger on the menu comes with fries; I learned that the hard way the first time I went there. Ordered the jalapeno poppers; so I had a pound of fries the poppers and this massive bufflo burger…


              Who allowed this slander??

              What kind of show is Jeremy running here????

              How very dare you!


                Who allowed this slander??

                What kind of show is Jeremy running here????

                How very dare you!

                I smell burger wars coming 😁


                  Slander is calling “In-n-Out” good after the 1990’s its just a bigger version of the Big Mac. I equate people who like it to people who like the KK Star Wars, they love the name and brand and will still consume it, even if it will give you a bad case of Diarrhea.

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