In the name of inclusion, we exclude you

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      16-year-old female swimmer banned by YMCA swim team for not wanting to share locker room with men



        I want aliens to rescue me from this shithole of a planet



          I feel the same way you do.  But all is not lost, not even close. It just means we all have to work together to make it better.  And as we are all humans on this planet it is our responsibility to one another to do so in my opinion.  I know things seem dire, and for sure they are not great, but the folks who wish to force their will onto the world want you to feel hopeless and give up.




            don’t blame me I voted for this guy in 2016….


            He pulled 9% of the vote :P

            Deez Nuts Liberal poll

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            YMCA, sometimes regionally called the Y, is a worldwide youth organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, with more than 64 million beneficiaries in 120 countries.[1] It was founded on 6 June 1844 by George Williams in London, originally as the Young Men’s Christian Association, and aims to put Christian values into practice by developing a healthy “body, mind, and spirit”.



            So much for that…



              The reason this stuff happens is because it’s been allowed, people are not being told NO anymore. Give humans no line to cross and they will go wild, and that’s exactly what has happened. Every conceivable lunatic idea and belief is open season. And if you don’t fall in line with it, YOU are the bad guy and will be cancelled. Like a movie speaking out against Child Trafficking? YOU are the phobe and ist. Don’t like men in women’s locker room? YOU are the transphobe. Don’t like illegal people coming over the boarder and getting handouts? YOU are the racist.

              We live in an upside down, backwards, fallen world now. It’s time to think hard and where you want to end up when this inevitably comes to a conclusion.



                I agree 100% that because “no” is no longer used we are in this horrible situation.  But the reason people did not say no is the actual problem. And that is because folks (in general) even though they saw wrong things going on they kept quiet so not as to risk their relative comfort and not thinking that out far enough to realize you were harming society at large in the long term.  The more people that thought like this the more afraid people got to say anything until now where the slightest dissent gets you attacked.   The “Sound of Silence” explains this.

                “You do not know
                Silence like a cancer grows”

                The good news is once they went after kids and people of all kinds finally said no, now not only is “no” back on the table but its near fashionable to rebel.  Once the fear of dissent is minimized and people get together and push back this sh!t ends.  It can happen.

                We cannot any longer allow “compassion” to override logic.

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