Infuriating: Behind the curtain of Game Dev with the smarm f*cks ruining gaming.

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    This is a sanctioned video from the most popular video game engine in the world. I use it as an indie developer myself: Unity.

    These are the people destroying your games, and destroying others’ livelihoods and lives. They will pat each other on the back for all the people they canceled and all the lives they destroyed of people who dared stood in their way.

    Our world is in free fall as these asshole schmooze and scratch backs and recieve huge amounts of money and power while breeding a culture of low standards, smarm, and laziness. They need this lie to be true that you’re an evil monster that only dislikes them because of their superficial features, not because of their poor character, poor work ethic, and inability to work hard and cultivate talent to be good at their jobs.

    I wish we as geeks and gamers were more active where the sausage is made. These people operate in the shadows and have taken over this scene through a total subversion of all gamedev sphere, and they have made it completely known that if you oppose them, they will be more than happy to destroy you. They are weak, they are nasty, and they are petulant, and they are incapable of handling pushback or adversity which is why they have created these safe spaces, and work so hard to have absolute and total control.

    The sad reality is because most gamers just want to have fun and not play these terrible subversive games, it gives the subversives the victory, as they are willing to fight dirty, believe themselves righteous and that their disgusting ends justify the means as they destroy careers, families and industries.

    It does feel as though times may be changing, but who knows what the future holds. Our economic systems are straining under the weight of all these assholes sitting up high in their tower, providing nothing to this world but decay and contempt.

    Our society is falling apart. Nothing matters any more. It’s not that people shouldn’t have a place of refuge and should belong somewhere, but the problem is, you get this people with a chip on their shoulder and you give them the smallest amount of power and they will abuse it to gain even more power. And year after year the standards fall and everything goes to shit and there is nothing of value left.

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