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    Is the game I’m currently playing. I’ve put in some serious hours and because it’s a 40k game? You are willing to forgive some of it’s failings. It’s biggest flaw is the lack of true, top tier, end game, loot, and plays. What I mean is, if you build you character right, by level 90 odd? you are pretty much invincible unless you are really unlucky with a boosted mission.

    Void quests are great, for a short while, until you find the stuff you wear/use is better than anything you will be rewarded with. Cabal stuff is good but more of a novelty and gets old quick.

    The best way I would describe this game is that the creators loved Diablo 3, it’s as if they watched people play 100s of hours of Diablo 3, they nailed the look and feel with a 40k skin ….. but they didn’t actually PLAY Diablo 3. No threat of death at higher levels and no unique armour sets to go after, the game in a way ends waaaaaay before end game and you look back at the hours you’ve put in and think “man, I should have binned this off a little sooner”. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this until after buying the Prophecy DLC so I have to chew through that.

    Not gonna lie though, if you are a 40k fan? The game is still worth it. Any other players on here?

    Oh, the monthly events are pretty cool



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