Is it Actually Anime?

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    Can we talk about Netflix’s new movie The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf having this at the beginning of the movie?


    When the animation studio that made it is South Korean called Studio Mir. (full disclaimer I havent seen the movie, as I don’t wanna give Netflix any money)

    Ultimately, my hopes are to focus on people trying to redefine what the word “anime” actually means. I feel like I’ve been having this debate with people for over a decade, but especially with the huge interest in anime/manga as the US cartoon/comics industry is dying, I feel holding the line on our definitions is super important. Anime is strictly the name for animation made in Japan by the Japanese.  The word anime comes from the word in Japanese for animation アニメーション (Animēshon). I’ve had debates with people where their argument basically comes down to “Well its anime inspired and uses alot of the same art styles and technics, so we should just call it anime instead of a cartoon.”

    Curious to know what other people’s opinions are on the topic of whether you can call it anime (or manga for that matter) when its not made by a Japanese studio/artists?


    That’s a good question. Let me watch it to see for myself. What makes an animated work truly anime is the storytelling.


    Over a decade? I think you are totally right about that. Japan origin. Others in the east have a similar style, but technically, it’s not anime, but it’s a technicality. Webtoons is a Korean comic site. DC is going into biz with Webtoons soon. Webtoons has a really good format for mobile phones, if you want to read comics on your phone. Since it’s Korean, it is not anime and you can see the subtle difference, but it is slight. It’s kind of like TVs or phones or electronics. Japan did it for a while and now, there’s Samsung and other Korean electonics. There are Kia cars instead of Nissans. Both different. Emerging markets slowly get their piece of the pie. Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and what other Eastern and Asian countries will soon get different industries and manufacturing as globalization modernizes compliant markets?

    One reason your topic is so good is wages and producation in animation. It is not Japanese anime, but if a person wanted to produce art of a similar style in comic or animation form, it may be even cheaper to go to artists from those other Asian countries. I see pictures sometimes of those smiling Asian animation teams and if you had a script or story, if you could find a team from Vietnam or Thailand, you could do it dirt cheap. They work hard and they produce.


    Do japanese actually write “anime” to their titles or market them the same way? I usually see they use word “animation” rather than “anime” like Persona 4 The animation rather than Persona 4 the anime. They use word “anime” in dialogs and stuff, but not in their titles. I think this is western attempt to make normies watch their cartoons just for using word “anime”. Like “Hey, it says anime and I heard anime is big now, so I am gonna watch it” or something like that. This way they are gonna think japanese animation and western is the same thing. Word “anime” is what public started to call japanese animation, not japanese studios if I remember correctly. I can be wrong, maybe now they do.

    What we need is to come up with new name for “western anime”. Chinese comics are called manhua, Korean comics manhwa and Japanese comics manga. If a normie gonna read any of those comics they are not gonna tell the difference, at least immediately. So it still baffles my mind why there are no separate names for Chinese and Korean animation and now western. Although west just need to refer them as animation not anime.

    Do the same people call Last Airbender anime? Or that Teen Titans show? They are very similar to japanese and yet I havent seen somebody refer them as anime.


    Made by western i call it Cartoons or Animation.

    To me that “witcher” (lol) movie is not anime.



    Yes, but the issue is it doesnt matter what a few people gonna call it, but what netflix and other gonna call it, because just as being a “geek” became popular per se, there are gonna be a lot of “anime fans” after watching shows like the new he-man and witcher. And look what happened to pop culture. Maybe anime that comes from japan doesnt await same fate, but its gonna cause problems overall. People are gonna think He-man and Attack on Titan are the same thing.


    I’ve seen it and to honest the storytelling within the film felt like a mixture between Western Storytelling and Chinese Storytelling. So I won’t consider it an anime nor is it actually anime because of the movements and storytelling. But I’ll agree with @Sajjux since a YouTuber named AndyArtsTV has the same concern that @Sajjux has. And I’m going to have that same concern as well. What Netflix has done ruin the perception of anime.

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    For me, “anime” is Japanese animation. I know there are plenty of complications to that idea; for example, “The Red Turtle” was created by both Studio Ghibli and a French animation company. And I know there are non-Japanese animations (looking at you, ATLA) that are strongly influenced by Japanese animation. Still, Japan succeeded in creating a distinct form of animation, and it’s called “anime”.


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    This is an interesting question.

    I like to think that proper animi- such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon, DragonBall, Powerpuff Girls animi- is made and done by actual Japanese studios. Stuff that is done by American studios with a similar style like the up and coming ‘Witcher’ animated film, ‘Castlevania’, Samurai Jack and Avitar: The Last Airbender (which I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago wasn’t true animi) is animi-inspired.

    Still, even the animi inspired stuff is gorgeous to look at animation-wise (I nearly lost track what was going on during ‘Castlevania’ as a result of that lol).

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