Is Tuggs OK?

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    The King of Ruckus saw that Tuggs was no longer on Twitter and is worried about her.  Anyone know what happened?


    From what I have heard twatter has been on a banning spread later.

    AZ from HeelsVsBabyface was banned – for quoting a GoT line.


    Next G&G stream or FNT you should ask.



    and get ready white house said to day if you get banned on twitte ryou will get banned everywhere now


    better have a plan quick i even proved using a canadian news site that uses facebook api comment system that they will censor ACTUAL facts as long as they dont come form main stream authoritative news media


    test yourself you get the post shsadow banned


    now try this link and you wont…same stats for canada ROFL


    thing is first link has all nations and you can see for yourself without the bullshit propoganda whats what in world


    im also setting up my own local server for trust , i hope the host you have is impervious to being shut down….



    I saw her on the G&G Sunday Night Mario Cart Game’s night.

    So she is still around.


    She was on this mornings G&G stream:

    Don’t know about her twitter states, as I don’t do twatter at all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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