James Gunn Reveals The Beginning of His DCU

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    Well we start with @Roas reaction.


    Creature Commandos – An animated series about classic monsters who once fought Nazis in the comics, but it’s being updated for present day.

    Don’t know the series, don’t care for the series.  👎

    Waller – Amada Waller, yes, the DCEU Viola Davis version who was in Gunn’s Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, will be getting her own spin-off…

    Waller without Project-X (aka Suicide Squad / Doom Patrol)?  Or with other villains besides Harley Quinn?  👎

    Superman: Legacy – This is the promised Superman reboot project…

    Without Cavill, as they wanted a younger Clark Kent/Superman.  Still not enough info to decide.

    Lanterns – …“space cops” premise. It will be earthbound and star Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart. They claim it’s one of the most important shows they are making in terms of how it leads into the main DCU narrative.

    There has been many great GL stories.  So having both as co-heroes, that will be a very delicate balance I don’t know if they are ready for.

    The Authority –

    No, No, NO!  👎

    Paradise Lost – Described as a Game of Thrones-like “palace intrigue” series set on Themyscira, taking place … before the birth of Diana…

    Isn’t that how Amazon described their Rings of Power was gonna be?  Another big THUMBS DOWN!  👎

    The Brave and the Bold – This project will also feature Bruce Wayne’s troublemaking son and sometimes-Robin, Damian Wayne.

    Are they saving Dick Grayson/Nightwing for a Teen Titans project?

    There are too many great Batman and Robin stories with the previous Robins before this, and the title Brave And the Bold was a great run of DC Comics, and this using it for this project is another 👎

    Booster Gold – An HBO Max show starring the bombastic hero which they call “imposter syndrome as a supehero.”

    I did enjoy Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and the rest of the Justice League (International, Europe, etc) from the 80’s/90’s.  So if they are heading for that disfunctional family of superheroes, OK, but stuck behind a pay-wall/streaming service as a solo series?  👎

    Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – Tom King’s Supergirl miniseries

    HELL NO!  I hated that miniseries.  👎

    Swamp Thing – … a new horror film in the DCU

    This one has potential, if done right.


    This list is so underwhelming, it is sickening.

    Were is Lobo?

    Were is Deathstroke?

    Legion of Doom?

    Were are the Titans, the Teen Titans?

    Were is Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes?

    A groomer-less Flash?  (Barry, Wally, etc.)

    Looking at their slate, were is the potential for a big TEAM-UP?  A Justice League?  An All-Star Squadron?  Justice Society?  A Super-Friends?

    Were is the potential for a World’s Finest?


    This has been SAD NEW, IMO.


    And now Mr.H Review’s take:


      Not 1 single thing has me interested… Also not trusting them 1 bit after the bait-n-switch lie with Henry.


      How about instead of the constant comic characters we get ORIGINAL and hire on people who are creative and actually start giving us original material that is not Political, Social Flavor of the day, Agenda of the the show runner and especially NOTHING with Mindy involved or Turd.  FUCK I want a good sci-fi or high adventure fantasy show more than any comics, im burned out on them.


      All of this is going to be trash


      At least I have my back issues of DC Comics I can read and enjoy.  (I have no hope for the “Dawn of the DC” as I also did not like 95% of “The New 52”.  This push for unlikeable characters-bad selling titles is DOA to me.)

      And we still have the animated series of Batman: The Animated series (1992-95), Superman: The Animated Series (1996-2000), and the Justice League (2001-04).

      The DCEU and now the DCU, it was nice knowing you.

      So much potential… lost.


        I’ll wait and see for all of it. Some of it just seems watered down type content from the descriptions. I frankly don’t want the light hearted family friendly everything. The Waller stuff, meh. Unless is has Harley Quinn, I don’t care.

        I have heard they want Jason Momoa to be Lobo. Why? Wth kind of nonsense is that? He was already Aquaman, that makes no sense to have him be another character. Is it THAT hard to find another freakin’ actor? No.

        They have now cancelled all the DC running shows. Titans and Doom Patrol, two shows I have greatly enjoyed. Harley Quinn the cartoon is still going though.

        People also seem to forget they cancelled a very well done (imo) Swamp thing TV show right out of the gate.

        I have really enjoyed all the DC Animated movies, the new Legion of Super Hero’s just came out.


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        I just saw Ryan’s vid on this last night (I was laughing at him groaning about Supergirl 😂).

        Most of what I was hearing I wasn’t interested in. I enjoyed ‘Titans’ and ‘Gotham’. I know a friend of mine watched ‘Swamp Thing’ and really enjoyed it so I’m confused why they’d reboot it. I find it interesting that they’re going with a pre-established Bat-family although that little shit Damian wouldn’t have been my first choice for a on screen Robin (I would’ve gone for either Tim Drake or Jason Todd).


        I don’t like the way they handled the whole Henry Cavill thing one bit! He was the perfect person to play the role of “Superman.” I mean we’ll see what Gunn does with his vision but the move they made not to bring back Cavill was a very unpopular one and something I believe will come back to bite them. I want the “DC” universe to succeed but it all depends on the writers and directors and who they cast to play whoever. But with recent trends from majority of cinema that has been created in recent years gives me little hope for the “DC” universe.


        Bale returns as Batman???

        Wouldn’t make any sense but from the latest poster of ‘The Flash’ film, the Bat-cave in the background looks suspiciously like Bale’s Bat-cave. And yeah there’s no way they’re going to have Kilmer 😭in there either. I’m also pretty sure no-one wants to be reminded of Cloony’s Bat-nipple suit either 😂(even though I’m one of the few that did like ‘Batman and Robin’ because it’s just stupid fun😂).


        Since Bale’s Batman is near the beginning of his career as Batman, it does makes sense.  Superman Year Two, a bumbling Flash scared to be heroic.

        But keeping the groomer as the Flash is DOA.

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