Jeremy when you visiting Canada?

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    Hey Jeremy don’t know will this message reach you or not but back before the whole Beerbug thing happened you said on a few of your past livestreams you were gonna visit Canada.

    If, when and how this Beerbug situation ends are you gonna keep your promise of visiting us Fandom Menacers up here in the great white north?

    Cause I hope to meet you one day soon, walk up to you and say “What’s up Jeremy.”

    Then you’ll look at me and asked “Hey have we meet buddy?”

    Then I would say “Ever wonder what would happen if a bunch of different versions of you combined into one….Mega fan?”

    Then you’d be like “Oh my God you’re Megazord Jeremy!!!!!!!”

    Then I would say “Guilty as charge Jeremy Prime!!!!!!”

    And that is how you know it is me, if we ever meet.

    You along with the Fandom Menace make this one introverted, socially awkward guy with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD feel like he has friends even though in his real life he currently has none.

    Jeremy you and the rest of the Fandom Menace even though I never meet you nor anyone else here on this website nor talked to you or anyone face to face in real life….make me feel I am apart of a community more than ever before in my life….a bit cliche, corny, ass kissy (if that is even a word) but watching you and the rest of the Fandom Menace I feel like there is some sanity left in the world and I’m not going crazy for hating Ocean’s 8, Ghost Busters 2016 and the dreadful Star Wars Sequel Trilogy unlike the NPCs I call people around me in my current real life.

    I hope if I ever get the honour of meeting you and the rest of the Fandom Menace in person one day soon, you guys will see past my Sheldon Cooperish lack of social understanding due to my Aspergers and call me friend along with accept me for me as I don’t have many friends in my life that accept me for being me.

    I just hope for once in my life I can finally have a stable long term social life with actual good people that become my friends who actually care about me and can help me in life grow as a person like I have grown as a person in terms of knowledge from watching your videos whether from your channels Geeks and Gamers or DDaycobra.

    I may not have fictional heroes to look up to these days since DC, Marvel and other companies like that got woke but I have you Jeremy now to look up to instead of Captain America and Superman because you’re real not just existing in this word but also for what you say to people that is from your heart and I respect that.

    Yet again a bit ass kissy of me (is that even a word?) but Jeremy and what you do is inspiring me in more ways you can ever imagine and I thank you for that Jeremy along with the rest of the Fandom Menace for bring there.

    Hope to see you up in Canada soon Jeremy Prime 😀


    Megazord Jeremy,

    the most powerful Jeremy of all the Jeremys with the combined powers of all the Jeremys except you because you Jeremy Prime are powerful on your own and don’t need to merge with another Jeremy to have your power. 😀


    Also Krista Novva is a total babe I thought I would add that part in randomly 😀❤️






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