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      I have been taking in a lot of info on reparations for some time from many sources.  I have come to the point where it’s no different than welfare, it is just buying votes and while it claims to help it does nothing but harm.

      In the below video is a known “libertarian” talking about the argument for reparations. I find this silly because if you call for this you are essentially not a libertarian.  If I say I am a Christian but I do not believe in Christ, then I am not a Christian.  Same thing here.

      His lays out a long agreement for reparations which to me sounds like a bunch of minuscule and unprovable nonsense , throwing everything at the wall he can hoping something sticks.  For me none of it does.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Here are my reasons.

      – The idea that slavery was motivated by race is not correct. It just so happens Africans were selling other Africans in a market so that’s who got bought.  If you look through the annals of time, most of the time, the same race enslaved the same race.  They conquered what was near them.  Now did racism ensue based on slavery?  Yes.  That’s a different thing than slavery however.  And the thing to note here is American did not invent racism, it’s gone on since forever and it still does today.  But American did fight a war in part to stop it.  That is unique in history.

      – The claim is often that white people or the white government caused racism and must atone for it.  Well it was not so much white people as wealthy people.  Yes, in America most folks were white and so were most wealthy people but if you have a vision of every white devil having slaves you have it very wrong.

      – This libertarian’s argument is that the federal government must atone financially for harming black people based on stolen labor and unfulfilled promises.  Well, some of that might be true in that black folks were wronged.  We know this to be the case but so were other folks, American Indians , the Irish etc.  This victim narrative is not unique.

      – Here is where the rubber meets the road. Should the federal government pay black people?  No, it’s a silly premise. Why?  Assigning current people the sin of folks 150+ years ago is baseless.  And furthermore the government would not be paying anything as it does not have it’s own money it simply has the taxpayers money.  So the taxpayers pay reparations and not the government.  You know who many taxpayers are?  Black folks.  So if you think it’s a plus to pay for the check written to you then you are a fool. I think a case can also be made that “free” money has been given to folks for a long time in this country in the form of welfare.  Has that solved anything?  No.  Have things only gotten worse?  Yes.



      Which federal government?

      It any should pay (which I am against), it should be the nations where they caught them and sold them.  After all, they are the ones who were the original ones profiting off slaves.

      And yet slavery is still happening today.  Why are they not concerned with those people?

      Nope, it is all ME ME ME!

      With all this “money printing” needed (since there is no way they can get that type of tac revenue as quickly as these people want the money), look what it will do with inflation?

      It will make the US Dollar next to worthless.

      Even if they make it not as a lump sum payout, but as a lifetime guaranteed income, that will make those people just want to slum at home, depending on the state for everything in life.  Then the next group will demand payment for some “victimhood” so they too don’t have to work for the rest of their lives.  When will it stop?

      Those that might get it (which I hope no one does) will be hated by those whose claims are denied, and by those who never had slaves, whose ancestor fought/died to helped free slaves, etc.


        The interesting thing about the video was this “libertarian” was advocating for anyone wronged in certain ways by the government to get reparations not just black folks. Although he never mentioned the American Indians which seems like the first group one might mention under those circumstances. But the entire idea is moronic to me because that money is just coming from you anyway.  It’s no different than you handing the taxman $10 and he hands half of it back and says, here’s your reparations. In fact it’s worse than that because you are writing checks your kids have to pay for so this generational lack of wealth you say the past has caused you are literally causing yourself.

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