Joe Rogan is wrong about video games


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      So I just watched Jeremys video about this and I agree with what he said. I did a quick podcast where I talk about my thoughts on it, please check it out

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      I don’t think it’s at all a big deal that Joe gave an opinion of video games being a waste of time. I also don’t perceive what he said to be the end all – be all in his thinking on the subject. I listened to your podcast (you could have cut the time in half, the second half was a lot of rambling) and I know he agrees with you that video games are great for entertainment, he even quotes “they’re fucking fun.” If anything, he’s just warning about their addictiveness and beer bug or not, many people don’t moderate their time well.

      I really enjoyed It’sAGundam’s take on it:

      He’s a blast.

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        Well thanks for listening

        Ya I did ramble on a bit, my bad

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      People are over reacting. If you, actually, listen to the point he’s trying to make, he’s not wrong.

      And I say this as someone who spends, nearly, all of his free time gaming or watching youtube.

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      Joe plays video-games, he was also quite addicted to quake. I think he means nowadays there are many people who get addicted to video-games and that’s bad, as any other addiction. We should manage well our daily schedule so we have time to play, to relax, to work, to exercise, to be with friends/family, etc… But we see a bunch of people, specially kids, that spend a huge amount of their time playing online games, some play since they wake up till night, then they become weak and with mental issues. Of course that’s lack of education from their parents, but we all know how this new generation can be…

      So yeah, I also think people are overreacting… But I also know that any article or video about Joe Rogan brings  a lot of traffic, so yeah, I get it.

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      If Joe has issues controlling his game time, that’s on him. Doesn’t make them a waste of time. Better than getting hooked on heroine. And you CAN turn it into a business. Pretty ignorant statement on his part, especially when he makes a living doing podcasts.

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      It’s got nothing to do with video games, people have and can become addicted to almost anything.


      If you’ve got problems in your life, then work on it and try to make it better. Problems won’t go away by blaming it on ‘video games’ or ‘alcohol’ for example, you need to identify what issues you might actually be dealing with so you can address it.

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        That’s not how addiction works, dude.
        Being addicted to something isnt a sign of an underlying problem. It can mean that.
        It can also mean you tried something and something in your brain tripped that said, “I want nothing but this'”.
        The happiest and most carefree of people can get addicted to things.
        At that point, the problem that needs to be addressed is addiction.
        Even if you do have underlying issues, removing the addiction from your life is a major step toward fixing those issues.

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      The more I’m among the G+G community, the more I realize about a lot of it is fucking hypocrites.
      Not most, but, clearly, many members of this community dont wanna stop cancel culture, they’re just pissed they arent still in control of it
      (Sorry, Republicans, your Cancel Culture got put down 20 years ago).
      Taking something out of context or something that’s not an issue and spinning it so you have something to be outraged over.
      “Oh, he didnt word this the exact way he should have so I’m gonna go on the internet and pretend he’s the biggest piece of shit ever because he said 1 thing I disagree with”
      Although I dont see how “gaming addiction is bad” is a controversial stance.
      “That’s not only thing that’s addictive”
      No fuckin’ shit and you wouldnt be pissed if he was talking about that shit, either, would ya?
      You dont need to talk about Alcoholism or Drug Addiction. Everyone already knows they exist.
      People still like to pretend gaming addiction doesnt exist.

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        I get your point and you’re not completely wrong, but you also should think about what happens in a “more lefty” community. Do you think you could have a conversation like this with woke people / sjws? If you don’t agree with them, you would probably be banned… lol Chill man ;) it’s fine here, even if we have different opinions.

        And for sjws, Joe Rogan is a racist nazi anyway lol Just see how many times they tried to get him “canceled”. xD


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        Joe didn’t just say that gaming addiction is bad. He said that VIDEO GAMES are bad. He was painting with broad strokes based on his own problems with addiction.

        Work on your listening comprehension skills.

        And if you’re going to turn this political, then your hypocrisy is showing pretty badly. You’re living in a glass house, bub.

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        I would have to kinda disagree, at least in regards to G & G.

        I do see some bad takes here, but I don’t think they’re born out of maliciousness. It’s just out of frustration in regards to the current political climate. It’s been building for years now and it’s gotten much worse. The most appalling thing about it is the flagrant double-standards – In some alternate timeline, if there were hard right-wing groups that had been censoring and deplatforming people for years, and then it peaked with Neo-Nazi’s and KKK groups marching through urban zones and tearing down statues of MLK and other civil rights leaders, the Left and MSM would be screaming like it was the return of the Fourth Reich… And they’d frankly be right to. I have no doubt we’d see a much harsher response and make it clear, in no uncertain terms, over what the country should stand for.

        When you get sucked into any political narrative, there is the danger of losing your ability to discern nuance and risk becoming a knee-jerk reactionary, making mountains out of molehills. But that in of itself isn’t an indication of being an authoritarian (that kind of journey takes a lot longer). It’s disappointment after disappointment seeing the moral failure of an otherwise decent society being undecent, and before you know it, you begin to despise what the opposing ideology stands for, and you start to see it everywhere.

        I might risk sounding like the equivalent of an SJW apologist, but I don’t think people here are necessarily bad, just a bit uncouth. There are AuthRight figures out there who would happily censor others if they had the power to but they wouldn’t be here: They do think video games are a waste of time and are for losers.

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