Juneteenth ?

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    As a non-american, this is a celebration of the US’s 13th Amendment – Abolition of Slavery?

    So are we going to see a total of 27 Amendment holidays in the US?


    There is still slavery in the world, with slaves being of all races, religious beliefs and genders.




      No one gave a rat’s ass what Juneteenth meant before this year and it’s become another woke-filled “holiday” because of Marxists who want to demonize whites for everything even it was white people who ended the Trans-Atlantic slave trades. I really hate how Demonrats turned this great month into the most woke of the entire year.


      Being from Texas, and having a direct family tie that goes back to the civil war, my family always celebrated it because one of the main Patriarchs actually fought under Gen. Granger.

      It was more of a Texas thing that many families placed their family reunions during that time.

      What’s going on now is all political.



        At this point, it seems the very definition of politics is to hijack positive things, twist them, and use them to gather more money and power.

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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