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    About to start Mass Effect 3 but I need to buy the story DLC from the Xbox 1 store. I’m playing the trilogy pack so I already own the game. But wow Mass Effect 2 was amazing. Scrapping the open world for select stages on papper sounds like a bad idea but it allowed for more choices and easier to find side quests.


    I didnt like that they changed the overheating guns mechanic and dumbed down the level up system. I also dont like that you cant buy armor for your squadmates.
    Other than those things, ME2 is better, in every way.
    It is the best of the trilogy.

    However, I dont think the open world in ME1 was bad. It’s the fact nothing is in that’s bad.


    I agree with you end. I am currently going through Mass Effect 3. Ending and weird story bits aside, I still enjoyed 3 and the level up system is an improvement over 2. I actually enjoyed the gameplay more than the previous games, feels more flexible to me. I also think the shooting has more impact and I bloody loved the multiplayer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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