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    Do guys got any Justice League Comics that you would like to recommend?

    Tell me how many issues does each of these comics have?


    When I was reading this, I thought this would have been a perfect was to introduce “The Justice League” on the big screen.

    It is the New 52 Justice League Issues #1-6 (2011-Oct to 2012-Apr)



    For Pre-52 Era I’d recommend starting with either Grant Morrisson’s or Brad Meltzer’s run. Meltzer’s specifically is a great combination of true-to-form representations of the  characters with great art and stories. Start with Justice League of America Vol. 1: The Tornado’s Path and honestly take it all the way through James Robinson’s (Vol. 10) The Rise of Eclipso. There are other stories prior to these that are great, but this run is particularly easy to jump into.


    There were a LOT of things wrong with the New 52 Era of DC Comics, however, Geoff Johns run on Justice League was not among them. Despite not being a fan of New 52 Superman, the JL series as a whole was quite good. Johns is the best writer that DC has ever had, period. And when you team him up with top-tier artists like Jim Lee, Jason Fabok, Francis Manapul, Ivan Reis, and Tony Salvadore Daniel, you have a great romp through every page. So, honestly, just read the entire run that Geoff Johns penned starting with Vol. 1: Origins and going all the way through the two-part Darkseid War (Vol. 7 & 8) as that leads right into the DC Rebirth one-shot and new era…


    When DC Rebirth kicked off, DC’s line had new life breathed into it, while bringing characters back to their best. While Justice League by Bryan Hitch wasn’t exactly my favorite, it was still good overall and interesting enough to keep my attention, and Tony S. Daniel’s art is incredible. The series really started to shine, however, when Scott Snyder took over after the Dark Knights Metal and No Justice events. I realize that Snyder is an acquired taste for some, and he really loves his crazy concepts, but I find it fun as hell. And Jorge Jimenez is easily one of my favorite current artists in the business.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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