Kanye West Is Running For President – LMAO

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    True, but it’s good for the memes.


      I’d vote for him over either of the jokers representing the democrats and republicans.


      I personally wouldn’t vote for Kayne if I lived in the US (I agree with Trump in terms of policy but let’s leave it at that), but I think it’s actually very interesting to see him run. Black America could use a lot of healing and unity right now (they deserve better than having their grievances being exploited by destructive Marxists); he’s said some pretty dumb stuff in the past but he’s not particularly partisan. He’d siphon off a lot of black votes that would normally vote Democrat, a party I don’t think they owe any loyalty to.

      Trump will likely win in a landslide but it’s hard to say what’ll happen after that. But he and Kayne do seem to be on relatively on good terms, so maybe Kayne could have input that Trump should consider. He’s more likely to listen to him than Biden would, at any rate.


      I think it’s awesome. Still voting for Trump, he’s still going to win, but it’s worth watching the heads of left-wing sycophants explode.


        I guess this was a short lived dream of his  https://twitter.com/daveweigel/status/1283078807524724736


          Would love to see him in 2nd place with old man Biden being 3rd, or even 4th for all I care.


          Kanye > Lex Luthor as Pres. But RIP Kanye.


          I’ll take Kanye over Biden any day. If this helps Trump then more power to him!


          Kanye gave up, oh darn.  Maybe 2024.


          I think he will soon pull a terminator and run for governor of California or something like that. And he will win.

        Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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