Kingdom Hearts- Melody of Memories coming to switch

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      The very first Kingdom Hearts game to come out to the switch. Its also coming to Ps4 and Xbox one. Your thoughts? Any KH fans here?


        As a big fan of rhythm games, and enjoying Square’s previous rhythm games (well, mostly the two Final Fantasy Theatrhythm games for the 3DS), you can color me intrigued about Melody of Memories.

        I’m also a fan of KH since the original game on the PS2 back in 2002. Though I skipped KHIII. Just had a fair amount on my gaming plate, and most of my friends held the game, the game’s story in particular, in very low regard.


          This is definitely a game for fans, like I like the Theatrhythm FF games because I love FF, but I don’t think I need a Theatrhythm KH as I ever only played the 1st game.


          Hello Jbourdeau, thank you for your forum. I am a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and I am glad that the newest installment is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, I am confused about this story’s identity when it comes to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I do not know if the rhythm game is suppose to be the gameplay and then the player unlocks cutscenes about the origins of Kairi that connects to Sora’s memories that save him??? I need more information before I consider the purchase.

          In terms of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, I feel like Nomura has rushed his story’s development recently. For instance, in Kingdom Hearts 2, I was satisfied with the game’s entire story because there was a first half of the game with Roxas as the tutorial, Sora visiting old friends and new worlds, and then there was a second visit. In Kingdom Hearts 3, the worlds of the game were visited once, the tone pacing of the game changed multiple times, and I just do not like time travel in Kingdom Hearts because it does not make sense from the previous games in the franchise. I hope that in the future that Nomura can just settle down with all the scientific jargon and just tell a simple story about light and darkness, saving the hearts of the world and people from the Heartless and Nobodies, and how the future antagonist of the series is or was better than Master Xehanort. Otherwise, he just going to make the story more confusing. I like Kingdom Hearts 3 but I miss the simplistic approach to story telling that Nomura use to have.


          I never played a rhythm game before so I’ll have to check this out when is released


            Just a heads up. I dont know who to go to but i want to review the game for this site. So when it comes out. I call reviewing digs on this.


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              The final trailer to this and its coming out on Nov 13. Whos ready for it!!! I will be getting the ps4 and switch versions to review it.


              Theatrhythm FF is so good.  That game really made me appreciate the music in that series.


              I liked the Persona dancing games even though these are just made for milking money and this KH one is  just the same. But still, I think I am gonna check it out at some point. They probably will be selling it at AAA price at the beginning (maybe a bit less). I dont think its worth that much, so gonna wait for sales and price drops.

            Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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