LeBron says the NFL owes Krapernick an apology.

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      Lebron can go share Preston Poulter’s dildo…before and after.


      Fucking hate his guy. He’s one of the reasons I quit watching professional basketball…and I love basketball.


      No matter what he can never escape the undisputed fact that Paul Pierce claimed his soul in the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals.




      Celtics 2008 Championship run one of the greatest of all time. (Yes…I am a Celtics fan).

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      Kraperdick actually owes the NFL and its FANs the apology, not the other way around.

      Look at how much the NFL lost, in terms of fans, viewership, sponsorship, advertising, negative press, etc. because of his selfishness.

      Kap walked away from his contract.

      I have had enough of this person, and his toxic message.

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