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    Your Journey Ended ZERO times.


    You Were Caught ZERO times.

    I think @Roas is either getting better, or he upgraded his clothing/items.  🤫




    Your Journey Ended Once.


    You Were Caught Once.

    And best of all, he FREAKED OUT MORE THAN ONCE!  🕷




    Your Journey Ended THREE times.


    You Were Caught ZERO times.

    Boomer count was many.  LOL



    Your Journey Ended Twice.


    You Were Caught ZERO times.


    15,957 HIT ! !





    Your Journey Ended ZERO times.


    You Were Caught ZERO times.

    80 hours of play time so far.

    38th level

    96% completed.

    Let cheer on @Roas as he goes for 100%, and all the trophies.


    Is this the end of our Journey?


    Your Journey Ended FOUR times.


    You Were Caught ZERO times.


    I DISPUTE this!

    Only one of my deaths was legitimate! The other three were game bullshit, two of which were slipping off an edge due to camera crap and one was hitting a button to cancel out a stun and it sent me over the edge as I came out of it while pushing said button!



    Hey, I don’t count “HOW” you died/”HOW” Your Journey Ended.

    I count how often in each live stream “Your Journey Ended”.

    Falling to your death IS a part of gaming.  You did it often enough while playing Witcher.

    Pressing the wrong button, being caught mid-action, etc.  that is all part of gaming/combat.

    The fact you have SO few deaths playing this game on HARD-est mode is a credit to your gaming skills.

    I am still amazed how easily you travel to your destinations, be it in the castle or in a dungeon.  I am lost just watching you ZOOM around.


    And once you finish this first play thru, getting that 40th level trophy, collecting all those items, completing 100% of all the tasks, etc. is a huge accomplishment.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 49 total)
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