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    Boomer @Roas  here we go again:


    Yeah. There was boomer all over this tonight in getting started both before and when we logged in.

    Now that we’re through the introduction, I will be able to have smoother starts each session.


    I played this game with a friend for a few years in a dedicated fashion.  While it’s an older game it is still awesome and the storylines cannot be beat.  Just be sure to do a dark side story too those are awesome as well and just as fun.

    Also I see you are doing it solo.  As the game progresses that gets harder and harder to do just FYI.  At least it did for me.



    @Vknid I’ve been playing this game since it launched off and on for the past decade. I’ve done all 8 origin storylines. I have all the crafts maxed. I have 24 characters, 5-6 of them raid ready between both factions (or they usually are), the rest used for PvP. I’ve been a raid leader, and with the exception of the last three raids since I was guildless and my current guild is technically inactive, successfully completing all those Operations on Hard or Nightmare mode, both 8 man and 16 man runs. I’ve spent too many hours and too many credits decorating strongholds and guildships.

    To me, SWTOR has many of the benchmark standards of both gameplay and story design that I always hold up against any new MMO I play, and with the exception of some of FF14’s elements, nothing has met those standards for me, yet.



    It is a well done game through and through.  Always was.  I would go back to it.  Your thread has me considering it.


    @Vknid SWTOR can’t be constantly played. Breaks are needed unless you are in an very active guild, because Bioware is notoriously slow on fresh content. Unless you are PvP nut, and I’m just a casual PvPer unless I have my old team…which I don’t anymore, PvP isn’t enough on its own to stay in. Although, Star Wars PvP is some of the best I’ve ever been a part of.













Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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