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    You know I keep seeing People promoting “Locals” I got on and checked it out and here is the problems.

    1st, stop comparing it to FB and Youtube! Both FB and Youtube are free for people to comment. This platform requires you to pay and that is one reason I just cannot get behind it. Fans being able to comment and interact with each other and creators  is the life blood of “social media” hate all the platforms you want but when you cannot interact there is no reason to have it.

    2nd, 10 bucks a month per channel, Really how many G&G creators are there? In this time you want people dropping a hundred a month just for G&G community members and then lets look at all the others out there. Nope I am not dropping $1,200.00 or more a year for repetition content that is free on other platforms. Be honest how many channels you have across many platforms and Now another to donate to? Nope not going there again.

    3rd, is anyone other than me getting tired of all this platform bouncing?

    This to me is just a cash grab, when to do anything on it cost money.

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    yeah, i made an account and then it was all very confused… couldnt find no one… then I found ryan and g&g but I have to pay to see… posts? … lol wtf


    Im not paying to talk to beople on the net.


    As someone who is trying to responsibly expand his social media presence and create a base to accomplish my goals, I was annoyed at discovering Locals required me to set up a pay wall to subs. I’m trying to earn the trust of possible subs, and to ask them to pay to post, especially at this early stage of my growth, felt wrong.

    Now, later on as I grow I see nothing wrong with a Patreon, because that provides a perfect way to share sneak peaks at stories I’m working on and have other membership like discussions or previews of my work. Other creators do that, so I don’t see that as asking too much, because it’s a rewards based system of “you are getting something for paying a fee” as opposed to just being allowed to post a message and interact with people.


    All fine and good until, You take in Patreon ,Youtube membership, Website Membership, Superchats, ETC ETC. You could spend just on just one Creator a hundred or more bucks a month. It would be different if you could be a supporter on one of their platforms and have it cross to all. But that aint happening. LOCALS is the worse of them all making a paywall to even comment or discus.

    It is like contractors now wanting to charge for an estimate. I just had plumbing work done and had 2 I called wanting to charge for an estimate. After I got the estimate and company I wanted (Free Estimate) I made it a point to call the two who wanted to charge and inform them that because they wanted to charge $80.00 for an estimate they just lost a $8,500.00 job.  Locals has already put me off to even wanting to go there anymore, because if I have to pay to talk to people or even watch many things I can simply go to one of the other platforms that DO NOT charge.

    So free and talk to creators and other members of a community…….OR…… Not pay and not get to talk to creators other members and many videos you cannot see. Im going FREE for the same thing.


    @Mustangride1 I think if a YT channel has been granted a Membership option, then yeah, there is no reason for a Patreon as they both fulfill the same purpose. Ability to provide special perks to members.


    Honestly to me, the best world would be for this site to be turned in to an autonomous platform unto itself where ALL G&G creators can come together as  CO-OP. This would mean they put all videos, here, live feeds here etc etc. G&G is then the hosting company for G&G not relying on anyone else. I would be happy to support them as  a whole. Then if I want to drop money on a super chat or sticker Charity. I have a much higher degree of confidence in the money being used to pay to creators, see the sight grow and be able to actually be part of a community.

    This would also IMO catch on and draw many others which would give G&G by sheer weight in numbers a very loud voice in numerous hobby and entertainment interest. Another win.

    Getting them Paid would be easy, Lets say G&G as a group managed to through membership, stickers, superchats merch etc brought in 50k a month, not a hard goal to obtain. Remove the cost for running the G&G server, forums etc (keeping the lights on). lets say it is 10k, well then you take 20% of the remaining 40k and put that to growth, advertising and business expenses, leaving you 28k to pay the employee’s (creators) say there is Ryan, Jeremy, Marc, Tom, X-ray, Drunk, Krista, Tug to start they each get $3.500.oo a month. As time goes on and more creators see the growth and want to be part of it, revenue increases. It is really no different than old Farm Co-ops.

    It takes people up front that are willing to see that vision and future and focus it all to one place and see it through, but most co-ops last for decades, heck some farming ones are still going today and over 50 years old. Eventually though they will need hire people to help or do other things such as filming on location and so on. This is where as new creators come in the money generated still pays the creator but also employees. IT also then gives them the ability to be a LOBBY to people in power. Could you imagine a Lobby going to Disney representing 300,000 members or more and saying enough of the “woke” especially if that CO-OP managed to by a substantial amount of Disney SHARES or Warner etc.

    But none of that is possible with constant Social Media Jumping and certainly not with one where it puts a Paywall up many people will turn around and walk away.


    Hey guys and for those who are confused by Locals.

    I understand a new platform can be confusing to use for the first time. However, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have about it. To put it simple, Locals is basically like a Patreon/Facebook page. If you follow us on Locals, you can see everyone’s post, however you can’t communicate (unless you pay.) Now that doesn’t mean or say that you HAVE to pay. In fact, you don’t need to create an account if you don’t want to. It’s just another platform where premium members can have the option to have access to premium links. Because Yes.. If you sign up and pay on Locals, that makes you a Premium Member of Geeks + Gamers.. And vise versa. If you become a Premium Member on Geeks + Gamers website, you will be grandfather you in on locals so that you don’t have to pay extra.

    I hope that this post helps.


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    We are currently in some sort of social media re-calibration, so yeah, there’s going to be a lot of platforms, a lot of confusion, but I believe it will all sort itself out. We just need to be patient, and choose which platform works for you. If you want to pay, then pay, nobody is holding a gun to your head, and your vote counts as much on a free platform then it does on a paid one.


    I prefer the forum for communication. I have never gotten behind any of the social media platforms sans YouTube. I do think Odysee, BitChute, and Flote.app are good as well. As for Twatter and FB, never been on them and never will.


    No worries. You don’t have to join Locals if you don’t want. We have other social media’s like Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Geeks + Gamers Website where you can use for free. Locals is just another platform for members and if you’re ever interested, you can pay for exclusive content!


    Dave Rubin: I’m making locals for free speech…..but you have to pay to talk to people online

    Me: Hey Dave Rubin do I look like Bruce Wayne or Oliver Queen to you?

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