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    I am looking for players who would like to start a Star Wars campaign utilizing Fantasy Flight Edge of the Empire ruleset that will eventually turn into Force and Destiny.


    Premise of the game:

    Four young street urchins from Corellia have run afoul from the law which is not hard to do upon the Correlian shipyard rings. Running from CORSEC they find themselves in the Imperial sector. Now the hunt is on, as the elite Storm Troopers now are on their trail.

    Meanwhile, blasting out of hyperspace a Llambda class shuttle carrying secret cargo sets down into an unregistered landing bay. The woman gets up from the controls as she looks back upon her crewmates. Three of them are clinging on to life, two of them have already sucumbed to their wounds. She grabs her gray gloves and puts them on her hands covering her blue skin. She awaits her orders, and soon they come. Opening the loading ramp Imperial forces swarm onto the ship and gather the living carefully, others gather the dead with little regard. Another woman walks onto the shuttle, her fire red hair swaying with each step. “Did you find what you were looking for?” She said, her imperial accent thick with the sound of a Coruscant native. “Yes I did, but I fail to see the purpose of wasting this squad for a droid.” The second woman said, her voice cold and logical, her Chiss heritage would not let her un-see the potential trap that she is walking into.

    Several tense moments pass between the two, as ice blue eyes stare into crimson orbs.

    “All sections on Alert! Be on the lookout for four street urchins who have broken security protocols. Consider them armed and dangerous.”

    Who: Yourself and three others

    What: Star Wars Edge of the Empire, because scum and villiany is what makes the universe spin.

    Where: This game will be held on Tabletop Simulator.

    When: Starting August 6 2020 1200 CST/GMT -9

    Why: it’s time to bring the fun back to Star Wars.


    If you are interested please reply to this thread.


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