making a video game–what would you like to see?

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    Hello, I’ve been thinking on having a few ideas for a video game. Now, I never played every single game in the world. My experience with gaming is limited and plus I am a choosy person. I know many in this forum possibly played more than 50+ games. So I would like to ask you a few deep questions:

    *what type of game do you like to play?
    *do you play on console/pc or both?
    *what dont you like aboout gaming?
    *do you like paid for dlcs?
    *do you like fan service?
    *do you like long games or short games?
    *do you like games that constantly gives updates?
    *how many hours a day do you play video games?

    *i always have these ideas of video games, many of them from different genres and game types but i still get myself stuck in the mud when it comes to understanding what the general audience wants.


    1. I like to play complete games that end. So no open ended grind. Genre matters less than gameplay. If the gameplay is engaging, everything else is secondary.
    2. PC master race
    3. It recharges my creative batteries
    4. Rarely worth it.
    5. Fanservice: Yes
    6. Not boring. Anything grindy and repetitive tends to suck.
    7. Updates: Undecided.  I guess it’s nice to get extra content over time. And it’s a good safeguard against piracy.
    8. About 1


    thank you so much for your feedback. this is quite interesting to me.

    i have a few ideas of a few games that end and dont feel so grindy. i have a few ideas for grindy games too.

    so i think i have alot for everyone. i think making games for pc and nintendo will be the safe option for my company.

    nonetheless, i dont feel like making two of the same versions of each game for pc and nintendo. i would like to work on nintendo games with the idea of fitting the game in the console and not trying to exceed its limit, hence why both will have different games.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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