Male Athlete Wins Prestigious Race in Women’s Cat

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    Cycling’s ‘Lia Thomas Moment’: Male Athlete Wins Prestigious Race in Women’s Category, Triggering Backlash among Female Athletes

    Male … cyclist Austin Killips won the women’s division of the prestigious Tour of the Gila race in New Mexico by nearly a minute-and-a-half on Sunday.

    What a disgrace!

    Alison Sydor, a former elite cross-country cyclist, condemned UCI’s existing policy, equating it to permitting performance-enhancing drugs.

    “Going from the Male -> Female category (gender doping) in cycling sport I’d argue is no different functionally than doping,” the Canadian Olympic silver medalist tweeted on Monday reacting to the news.

    Never thought of it like that before, but that does make sense.

    Doping = cheater = males competing in female sports.

    “The current UCI rules that allow males to compete in female cycling events are not fair to female athletes. Time for UCI to admit this current rule situation is unsustainable and leaving a black mark on cycling as a fair sport for females,” Sydor added.

    Any sports that allows males to compete against females is a black mark on the sport, and records (record books) needs two categories… record for biological females in female sports… record for males/dopers in female sports.

    Question: how much prize money did this DOPER steal from a biological female?

    Killips won $53,000 in prize money.

    So what will this cause?

    “Over the past few years, I have had to race directly with male cyclists in women’s events. As this has become more of a reality, it has become increasingly discouraging to train as hard as I do only to have to lose to a man with the unfair advantage of an androgenized body that intrinsically gives him an obvious advantage over me, no matter how hard I train,” Arensman (Hannah Arensman, a 35-time winner of national cyclocross circuit competitions) wrote in her submission.

    “I have decided to end my cycling career,” the cyclist added. “My sister and family sobbed as they watched a man finish in front of me, having witnessed several physical interactions with him throughout the race.

    These males are forcing biological females out of sports by replacing their spots, taking their wins, and saying these is for the best for woman’s sports… by no longer having women competing.


      I think if we start framing this in the proper way the point will get across more easily.

      Stop calling them “trans-women”.  Call them “Patriarchy Undercover Agents”.


      You know…Feminists once fought for women to infiltrate men’s spaces, displacing the latter in some cases e.g. executives in Big Business.

      And now — true to their contradictory nature — they’re fighting for men (trans-women) to infiltrate women’s spaces.

      These people are batsh!t crazy.



        Live by the sword, die by the sword.  When the agenda is your entire identity even so much as considering you are wrong brings your world to a halt. I think few people have the internal fortitude to realign their worldview and values.




        Males are superior. This is good. Nothing will kill feminism faster than this.


        Women refuse to stand at winner’s podium after transgender cyclist finishes in first place in women’s category

        A transgender cyclist won the female category at a gravel race but stood alone on the winners’ podium after the event.


        The second- and third-place winners refused to appear at the medal ceremony after Lesley Mumford won her age group in the 100-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut. Mumford was born a male and transitioned to female in 2017.

        Good for those “WOMEN” for not ‘celebrating” a male winning the female catagory.

        The event did offer a nonbinary division, but Mumford decided to compete in the female category.

        Why would HE not want to compete in the nonbinary division?

        Mumford outpaced Lindsey Kriete by 17 minutes. Kriete finished in second place, while Michelle Van Sickle finished third.

        For the easy win, of course!

        Mumford spent 17 years working in law enforcement before … began to transition about six years ago.

        In other words, he spent his entire adolescent life development as a MALE, then after twenty years spent another 17 years before he began… but those at least 37+ years as a MALE in no way gave HIM the PHYSICAL advantage over HIS natural biological female competitors.

        The three-time olympian and Tour de France medalist called the second- and third-place runners’ actions “silent protests.”

        “The silent protests are starting!” Thompson wrote.

        It is about time females start to protest as well.

        Some governments are brave enough to introduce legislation to protect women’s sports for females, and a few sports bodies are starting to alter policies to also protect women’s sports fort female.


          “In other words, he spent his entire adolescent life development as a MALE, then after twenty years spent another 17 years before he began… but those at least 37+ years as a MALE in no way gave HIM the PHYSICAL advantage over HIS natural biological female competitors.”

          People of sound mind need to stop this line of thought.  No one spends X years being a male or a female.  It is not the case that once you take hormones/blockers or cut your junk off that you transform into the opposite sex.  To even consider that is to give into the thought process that male/female goes no deeper than testosterone or estrogen and the shape of your genitalia.   That is a very simplistic thought about sex and in my opinion tries to give credence to the post modernism type of ideas that humans are no more than a sum of their parts.

          Everything that comes from the radical left (which just comes down from the WEF types) is meant to do 2 things.  Devalue life and therefore depopulate the world.  Clearly, having a cultural push that sterilizes young people, emphasizes bonds that produce no children,  and demands the right to murder infants in the womb can only have 1 purpose.


            @Vknid : “Stop calling them “trans-women”

            Yes, start calling them what they are. MEN!!


            The fight back continues…


              I have posted this a few times now but I think it’s the cypher to the whole situation.

              When someone says “I want the right to identify as…”.  It really means they want to force you to treat them in a manner that they choose regardless of what you think about that.  Clearly, everyone right now has the freedom to see themselves as whatever they wish.  So this is all about making laws allowing the goverment to compel speech and action.  Once that happens, and the initial reasons for do not matter, there is no going back and before you know it the goverment will be compelling many things by threat of imprisonment.


              LGBTQ group furious at transgender sports announcement

              By just that headline, it must have been GREAT news for woman’s sports!

              World Aquatics announced on Friday that it will be introducing a new open category for transgender athletes at a World Cup event in Berlin. The new category will be open for “all sex and gender identities” and will include 50m and 100m races across all strokes, providing a dedicated space for transgender athletes to compete.


              “… This policy does nothing to provide the kind of protections to women athletes that they have been calling for for decades — an end to sexual harassment and abuse, parity in pay and leadership, equal opportunities, and a lack of resources for women athletes,” Athlete Ally (an advocacy group) said in a statement

              How wrong you are.  This PROTECTS woman’s sports, woman’s spaces, etc from pretenders.

              It protects woman from having to share changing spaces with males, having to compete against males, and from having males take away woman’s spots and scholarships/awards/prize money/etc.

              “Instead, this only increases hostile gender norms and invasive testing that hurt all women athletes.”

              Wrong again.  It protects woman athletes from female pretenders.

              And hostile, you mean to the ideology that hates woman, can’t define what a woman is, and which is actively trying to erase woman and womanhood from society?  Birthing person… physical body with extra hole, etc.

              It is time to stop allowing the tyranny of the mentally ill to distort reality with their delusions.


                “It is time to stop allowing the tyranny of the mentally ill to distort reality with their delusions.”

                Well said.

                I am old enough to remember how much of this gender stuff gained ground in the 90’s. Obviously it started before that but it really gained steam in that decade.  Back then it was referred to as “the battle of the sexes”.  It was probably propaganda even then.

                It morphed from women wanting the freedom to choose things beyond typical roles to 30 years later where now women don’t even exist.

                To me, all of this is just propaganda by a group that has come to power through this movement as it has been successful over the years.  And like racism groups, their goal has been accomplished but to keep the donations coming they have to keep pushing.

                As I see it the entire premise has and always was a lie. Gender roles were not created to subjugate women.  They are constructs suggested by biology based on the many complex differences between men and women so that each gender is as productive as possible so that a pair is successful together.  These roles are organic and evolved over time.

                I am not sure when the thought process came to be that for a woman to be “powerful” she had to be like a man.  This thought process decades ago was referred to as “penis envy”. Looking back now I believe it was pretty much on point.  Women and man have power or influence not when they act like each other but when they maximize the natural gender traits they were given by God or biology if you prefer.  In fact I would go so far as to say you defuse your potential power and influence by acting like the other gender and maybe that’s the entire point.

                Clearly this decades long war has done nothing for women nor men but destroy the relationship between them and massively dropped the birth rate just like the WEF wants.  The destruction this propaganda has wrought should be obvious to all now. Men are choosing to either be alone and or just seek temporary sexual gratification. Women similarly end up alone realizing too late that they want children and a family but end up left only with cats and box wine.

                The massive miscalculation all this makes is that men and women do not exist in a gender vacuum. They exist in an eternal relationship with each other. So what hurts men, hurts women, which hurts men and so on.

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