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      So, some of you may buy and read Manga like me. Well, I am newer to buying Manga. And I have run into a roadblock on quite a few Manga I want to buy.

      Yet another side-effect to COVID was that many people started buying Manga. You would think that is a good thing, well it is for the most part. But, a downside is that is caused a lot of manga to become out of print because a lot printing places were shut down or low staffed.

      So, here I am wanting to buy more manga. But in many cases book one or early volumes are out of print/unavailable. Who wants to read a manga if for example vol 3 is not available but vol 2 and 4 are easy to get? Not me. And, if you want to buy it off ebay, well it’s a rip off. For example, book 4 or 5 of Call of the Night is going for $55+, where it should be about 1o bucks (on like all the other volumes are. Kill La Kill , which is out of print everywhere, is upwards of $75 per volume on ebay!!! Ridiculous.

      I am hoping the prices come down as things get back to “normal” with staffing and availability. I really want to read some more manga!


      you can always read online for free if you want


        @SuperSoynic_Speed  : Not interested in reading online or on an app. Ever. Manga should be purchased and read in your hand, then put on a shelf so you can have your collection. I have zero interest in digital reading content unless it is only available that way. Such as translations of content that has never been printed translated. I am a physical copy person. Always will be.


        I see. I feel the same way in video games but in manga I used to collect when I was younger, the problem is that starting a new manga to go to the store and pay big money for a manga you might drop after the first couple volumes is a bit of a waste of time or money so that’s the reason I read online these days. And you have to wait for so long for a new volume to come out, while online you can read weekly and whenever you want


          @DarthVengeant, i get what you mean, i’m also a physical manga collector and loath reading online, that’s only a last desperate resort
          I’m having similar problems with Code Geass and Soul Eater, which are both out of print in my country
          Code Geass i managed to find old copies of the first 5 vols for retail price, but then the comic shop i bought those from closed down (’cause fuck covid) and now the last 3 vols i’ve only seen for ridiculous prices on ebay
          Soul Eater is actually pretty easy to find second hand on ebay for a decent price… well exept for vol. 2 💸💸💸
          But thankfully the series just got a reprint, and it seems many collectors had the same problem as me, ’cause vol. 2 was sold out 😅


          @DigiCat hold up, Code Geass has a manga? Is it based on the anime? Because I’m pretty sure CG was an anime without prior source material. Anyway, it’s my all time favorite anime and I wish they didn’t screw up the anniversary movie so bad


            While my tastes tend to lean more in the “adult” area, pretty much everything that has been Manga and TV/Movie can be found on myanimelist. I use it all the time. You can save and follow anything you like or have, or if you find something you can save it there and then you can come back to it later so you don’t forget what it was.


              @SuperSoynic_Speed, Yes it’s an adaptation of the anime

     – Same story but with a slightly different take on it

     – And this one which is an alternate version from Suzaku’s point of view, it’s a nice little story, but it’s only 2 vols. so feels very rushed

              There’s a crap-ton of other alternate versions, prequels, sequels too :)


              , cool :D I’m on MyAnimeList too

              You DarthVengeant on there too?

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