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    I finally played Mario Kart Tour and it is exactly what I expected it to be…… shit. unnamed

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    I don’t like mobile games at all. Especially something like Mario Kart where I can just play a better version on my Switch.

    The game looks good and runs good but it’s a barebones experience with a paywall to get better perks. The controls are horrible and it’s just not worth hassle

    Not for me.


    Personally i like it.   My niece’s friends stole all the games and Switch and 3DS i had, all i have left is my iphone 5 and 2DS to play games on.   I play Tour and Raid Shadow Legends all the time on my phone and on 2DS i play Pokemon Shuffle.


    Right on, man – happy to hear that. It’s still Mario Kart and if I could play with on controller I would find it enjoyable. But on screen controls are just a deal breaker for me


    It’s fun for what it is.

    My kids enjoy it if we are out somewhere, and they have nothing else to do.  Of course they prefer Super Mario Run to this though.


    I never tired Super Mario Run. I’m not not into mobile gaming – I’m they exist, it’s just not for me though.


    You should try Run it’s pretty fun for a mobile Mario game.  It’s very casual friendly with no pay wall really.

    If you choose to pay it is a one time payment that unlocks all the levels.


    For me Mario kart is all about local multiplayer. Getting together with friends or family to play a bunch of races is what Mario kart is all about, which is also why I don’t play MK online.


    i can certainly understand that.


    Not into mobile gaming in general. Tried dozens of games and end up dropping most of them, most fairly quickly. SWGOH and Marvel Strikeforce are the only ones that I really play now. They’re at least designed for mobile platforms and actually fun for what they are. I hit DC Legends now and then, but it’s more about collecting than playing. PC/Consoles are the way to go.


    I haven’t played Mario Kart since N64, so to me this was pretty good. There’s multiplayer, so the option of wrecking someone’s day is available during lunch breaks.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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