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    Exclusive: The Matrix 4 Plot Revealed

    According to our source, The Matrix 4 plot will put us about 60 years after the events of Matrix Revolutions. For many of the humans living outside the computer program, a literal lifetime has passed. But, of course, the Matrix has been rebooted, something we knew at the end of Revolutions. In this new timeline, there have been significant changes from the world we last left. Not all are still alive and the “world” has a divergent feel from the one Neo first entered all those years ago.

    The Matrix 4 plot will set us up with the beginning of a story in a world that definitely looks different than when we last left it. First off, Zion is no longer, with the remaining humans not living in constant fear of the machines. In fact, some machines are even working with humans in some capacities. Morpheus is no longer alive though Niobe has taken his place, now the leader of the surviving (and thriving?) humans. Jada Pinkett Smith is still in the role and will be aged to look much older.

    s for how the events unfold that possibly disturb the tentative and tenuous peace the humans and machines have created, we know that Neo makes a return. It’s unclear exactly how he’ll come back to life in this form, but we do know what he’s setting out to do. With Keanu Reeves back in the main role, Neo will be working to free a version of Trinity from the existing Matrix. Still played by Carrie-Anne Moss, this woman is named Tiffany and apparently lives a very “normal” life with her husband and kids within the program. In The Matrix 4 plot, Neo will be working to free her and likely acts in much the same way Morpheus onboarded him all those years ago.

    One other element to The Matrix 4 plot will have Neil Patrick Harris in a major role. He’s going to be The Analyst, a proxy for Helmut Bakaitis’s Architect who helped broker some of the peace between the humans and machines. It stands to reason he also has a firm grip on the eventualities of the computer programs. How much Neil Patrick Harris’s character is there to help or harm isn’t quite clear.

    In all, this The Matrix 4 plot is shaping up to drop us right back in the world we’ve come to know so well through the first three movies. Though time will have passed and the relationship between humans and machines has apparently evolved quite a bit, there will still be some of the familiar themes present.

    The Matrix 4 is set to release on December 22nd of this year.











    I swear if a fresh idea walked up to Hollywood and said “Hello” they would have zero clue what it was because they don’t remember what they look like.

    This will be a trash fire surrounded by a tire fire.

    I have no hope this is anything but awful either due to lack of originality or wokeness or both. (recall the writers of the original, the Wachowski brothers are now the Wachowski sisters).

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    Agree. It’s just something to talk about. I have no desire to see it. It looks like everything else that is given now, which is, here’s the first movie again, but not nearly as good. Tom Bilyeu said he tried to buy licensing for it when it was dead and I wish that would have happened and we could have got something totally creative, as he is into the Metaverse and things like that. The new, young Morpheus looks cool, and he was Black Manta in the Aquaman movie. I’m hoping Tom Bilyeu, Ernest Cline, or some other talented, creative person, will just take the idea and make it their own with some changes and modifications.

    Recently, there was a news story about how they keep wanting to make a movie adaptation of NeuroMancer by William Gibson, but say that it is impossible. The thing about movies is that I think The Matrix and Ready Player One proved that it could be done and that Snow Crash could be done. Another movie that proved it was The Lawnmower Man. Same thing with Dune. They said Dune could not be adapted to film, but one that I think disproved that is the original Stargate, which I loved.

    John Campea said he loved the original Matrix, but that the sequels were so bad that he’s not interested. At the same time, he said he liked the trailer. I feel the very same way. The trailer was cool, but I think the things that are going on now raised the bar and would prefer someone else to tell Metaverse stories.


    I thought the trailer looked kind of lame, but I didn’t come here to say that.

    It was blowing through millions of views and just endless comments of people who were claiming they were so pumped up for it? “Is this really happening?” I saw again and again.

    Since when was there a massive pent-up demand for a new Matrix movie? This isn’t like Star Wars Episode 1 (or even episode 7). Most people thought the trilogy ended on a disappointment. Lackluster, even if you thought it was positive. The first movie is the only one that really carried.

    I suspect the marketing of this movie is The Matrix itself. None of it is real. It’s an illusion pulled over your eyes.That means a lot of the views and comments are bots, paid posters and drones who want to assert the movie is a hit/masterpiece of ideological purposes.

    The Matrix indeed.


    Projector playing The Matrix at 1:57 in the trailer, hinting at films within films.

    Even if this film is a disaster, there’s no way it will be boring.


    Imo, the trailer was 100% garbage. It looked like a fan-made trailer using cosplayers and John Wick scenes. It’s disrespectful for the real matrix fans. I will pretend this movie doesn’t exist, I got the trilogy here with me, masterpieces.

    This movie is going to be as bad as terminator dark fate. A disgrace.


    I’m trying to not be too negative too quickly, but yeah all the similarities to the first Matrix seem too much like The Force Awakens, which was just A New Hope with a few different bells and whistles.


    Here is a Matrix Meme.

    Seeing thru the matrix for real in this meme




    Neo bends a tomahawk missle.

    I liked a scene in the trailer where the blue hair Asian chuck does some kind of skater move onto a car.


    It’s a modern sequel to a classic franchise so I don’t expect anything good.


    I see it as it better than nothing.


    MATRIX 4 is NOT What You Think!! | Resurrections

    Matrix Explained



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