Memories of T2: Judgment Day (30th Anniversary)

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    I’m just curious for fans of the franchise since the 30th Anniversary of this classic is on July 1 this year and I was thinking of making a fan retrospective “essay” if you will regarding this fan favorite.  Where were you when this film came out?  Did you watch it in theaters, own the VHS, or get the LaserDisc? (Yup, I’m going THAT FAR back ladies and gents). What was your initial reaction upon watching the film?  Did you have any favorite lines (besides “Hasta la Vista Baby”) or moments from the film? Did the film influence you in terms of wanting to work in art or special effects or any of the other jobs regarding film? I know they had merchandise for it but I didn’t jump into it like other people nor know about it that much on television.  For those of you who have, what do you recall getting?  The only things that I remembered about the merchandise were the handheld video games (particularly the one on the Sega Game Gear – I struggled like heck trying to figure out where to go but got stuck on the asylum level).

    The music I know is iconic and the special effects were great. The first time I recall checking out the T2 3D Battle Across Time show at Universal was roughly in 2003 and then I revisited it around 2006 and 2009. I recall hearing that it was going to be gone around early to mid 2010 and I went for one last visit the year before it closed completely.  It was sad that it was going to be gone but the memory of when I first visited it was great.

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      Where was i when T2 first came out?? Wasn’t born yet 😅

      First time i watched T2 was on TV when i was in middle school and i loved it 🤖 Special effects still hold up today imo

      I might have it on VHS, though i’d have to look thru some old hand-me-down collections and check, definitely have the first Terminator VHS


      Back when I used to watch films in the theaters, I recall seeing the T-1000 liquid metal teminator and saying wow.

      And how they tied into the first movie (Dr. Silberman) and how the police showed photos of the terminator (arnuld) and talk of how he assaulted that other police station.

      And a chuckle when he went thru those bars and the gun got stuck.


      It raised the threat level.

      And turned the original antagonist (T-800) into the hero.

      It was so well written, with plot twists and humour, action and chases, etc.

      Sadly, it is an artform that those in holly-wierd no longer knows/can do.


      It was only much later when people started to ask, if only living tissue can be sent back in time, how did the T-1000 do it.

       (the writers) fully aware of the plot hole, and planned to fill it by revealing that the T-1000 travels through time encased in a covering of flesh, which it would then slice its way out of upon arrival. However, this was deemed potentially confusing, and never made it past the script stage. As it stands, the only way of explaining things is by charitably assuming that the T-1000’s ability to mimic people extends to duping time machines.



        I found them 🤩



        Haha anyone remember having to fast forward and rewind to tighten the tape? I remember my dad’s video player betamax haha

        As for the terminator films, T2 is still one of my favourite films!

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