MEN, a Good but very confusing movie

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    Why I’m Having a hard time Understanding the Movie MEN by Studio A24.
    I very much enjoyed the movie by Studio A24 called MEN, for the most part. But there were many things about the movie that did not make sense to me, because I thought the movie was written by a woman from a woman’s perspective, but that was not the case.
    Also, I don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on me because all the men have the same face, I also see Harper with a similar face to Jeffrey and the town’s folk. It was such a unique movie & I love these types of off beat creative movies like Possum, but the movie did not tie well for me by the end. It also didn’t help that the ending chapter was 10-15 minutes of the same thing happening over & over, it almost felt like the writer did not know how to finish it. There is a Spoiler warning at the appropriate time so you have plenty of time to click away.


      I rarely watch anything made beyond 2010 (the year they went 100% propaganda).   I am not sure how you watched a movie called “Men” in 2023.  I mean there is a chance it could be good but I also have a chance to beat Mike Tyson in a street brawl.  And I think my chances are actually better with Tyson.  :P


      Thanks for replying Vknid.
      So I want to be clear, I am an artist, I like artistic stuff even if at times (more often than not) it is very progressive. It’s unfortunate but there are not many more conservative people making creative movies like this. I am also a content creator.
      I balance my point of views & I review movies strictly as a Reviewer, I leave my politics at the door, I might mention a few things but the review part is as impartial as I can be. If I am just talking about a movie, that is where  I will interject my personal POV of the topics over the review.
      MEN is incredibly well made with some top tier cinematography & acting. The movie was very well established & the tone of the movie, even though it unravels in the last 30 minutes, the tone carried through to the end.
      The movie is NOT very feminist, it does not beat you over the head with too many “Messages” the only message it carries is the dangers that some women face at the hands of Men & how some women as a result of those traumas (they really ruined that word haven’t they) they see All Men as the same. That is a major thing that many people forget, these situations DO happen to women & it is more often than we want to accept or admit. I know a few women that are very close to me that suffered these fates & 1 of the 3 of the worst have been scared  for life. That’s why I always keep a balanced perspective when I hear people talk about this stuff from both men & women on both Left & Right. I’m not a right winger, I am more conservative but I have a lot of liberal views as well. We need to be balance, we cannot have a 1 sided society. lol sorry aboot the tangent lol,
      Back to the movie part, so as progressive as the movie seems, where ALL the MEN are white & are Evil as the story unravels… SPOILERS


      I gave you the time to leave if you wanted the movie not to be spoiled:
      The actual Villain of the movie is 1 man, her ex Husband that was an ABUSIVE BLACK MAN! The reason they all look alike in the movie with 1 face is because she had 1 main abuser that she tried to escape from & escape his memory but our past & our memories always find a way to follow us & come out on top.
      See, the  movie is progressive but also balanced.
      But yes, you are correct, most Mainstream movies like this are ham fisted about their message & they will make white straight men the  villains & in those movies you would have better odds beating Mike Tyson than the movie being any good lol.

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