Mental Illness: The ultimate get out of jail free card

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    A prominent BBC presenter got caught “acting inappropriately”. Now his family and some of his cohorts are asking for privacy and understanding as the bugger deals with his “mental health issues”.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.


    I think those laws and how they are being applied needs to be changed back.

    Back to when you were guilty, and due to mental illness appropriate sentencing was given.

    And not todays, you were mentally ill at the time you committed the crime, so you are automatically not guilty of the crime BS!

    Too many are claiming to be temporarily mental ill or are permanently mentally ill to the legal comment any crime and get no jail time/criminal record/etc.

    I am sick of people using this excuse for their bad behavior/bad decisions and get out of taking responsibility for it.



    The mental illness defense only applies to people who are definitely NOT mentally ill, and instead just assholes. People with real mental handicaps tend to get the book thrown at them in court.


    They knew who it was from the beginning (not surprised since it’s the BBC🙄. I haven’t trusted them with the news for 10 years now). One of their newsreaders even nearly accidentally let slip the other day just to add to things too:


      There is a mental illness epidemic if you define mental illness as a mental state that is unhealthy or outside of the norm.  But I am not certain their is a mental disease epidemic although I will agree certainly that there is a rise in mental disease.

      What we should be asking ourselves is why there are so many mentally unwell people all of a sudden.

      I think the answer is simple really.  There is a rise in actual mental disease due to inorganic influences in our modern society.  This has begun to come out and will continue to.  But there are a lot of people who do not have mental disease whom have mental problems because of the state of the world, their life and many external stressors like social media.

      For example, you have a number of people out there whom 100% believe people like AOC saying the world is over in 12 years.  Think about it, if you really believed that you were in an existential crisis like that you are going to probably be stressed into a fear panic.  Which is actually why people like AOC say such things.


        I am so fucking sick of people using this excuse! Not only is it complete bull shit, but it’s also blatently disrespectful and offencive to those with mental illness who do not commit crimes or if they do they take responibility for their actions and actually want to improve themselves



        Agreed. It’s the same with people who claim to have depression and are using it as a “Look at me!” trophy on ThickTok. Sorry, I mean TikTok. I suffer regularly from depression and it’s people like that that piss me off and aren’t helping their- or mine- causes by behaving like that.



          At some point mental states/phases started to get described as mental diseases.  At this point,  if someone is unhappy for a period of time they say they are depressed.  But being unhappy in most cases is a normal state. In fact, most times our negative feelings are absolutely healthy and can help us motivate ourselves to a better situation.

          But what seems to happen nowadays is this.  Lets say someone just lost one of their parents and they are very sad about that, that is 100% normal and in most cases does not require medical attention. But it’s referred to as depressed and often times this ends up with a person on a medication for what is a normal  mental state of mind.

          This thought process has progressed so far that any mental state outside of euphoria has a medical diagnosis and a battery of medicines available to combat it.



          Fair point. Although in my case I try to avoid medical stuff regardless if it’s depression or an injury or a cold. But what I meant before was people such as Billie Eilish as an example where she claims to have it and that if it’s as bad as she’s claiming and wants to take a break then why doesn’t she just take a break (which would be a relief for most of us. The only artist I’d ever listen to that’s very similar to her style is Lana Del Rey if I want my “Sad girl” moments. At least she has talent).

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            I was speaking in generalities before and everything I said was not at all aimed at you personally.  I am not saying you took it that way but I just wanted to be very clear about that.

            And to your point I agree 100%.  Clearly, if Billie Eilish was truly clinically depressed she would not be talking about taking a break she would be laying in bed trying to figure out how to motivate herself to get to work at all.

            But I think you are very correct in that such a thing is used to achieve popularity and attention.  On the surface that just makes such claims disingenuous. But add social media to that, multiple people like Billie Eilish x1 million and now you have an epidemic on your hands.



            No worries, I knew you weren’t aiming at me with that😊


              Clearly, if Billie Eilish was truly clinically depressed she would not be talking about taking a break she would be laying in bed trying to figure out how to motivate herself to get to work at all

              This i don’t agree with, many people seem to think being clinically depressed means laying in bed unable to get anything done in life, while that is true in some cases it’s not a one size fits all scenario, someone might already be in the process of motivating themselves to fight it, whether on their own or with the help of therapy, and in extream cases meds, but the fact they are working to do something about it doesn’t mean the depression is magically gone

              Now sure there is a chance Billy is talking about it so much to get attention, just like it’s possible her record lable is encouraging her (or worse case scenario forcing her) to talk about it cuz in todays world it makes her more popular

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