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      If we’re going to talk about writers, I thought we should have a thread on Michael Crichton.

      Being a fan of the Jurassic Park movies, I read the original book as well as the sequel and they are just phenomenal. The first movie diverts so much from the book that contains so much backstory on how the park is operated, the breeding of the dinosaurs and just how messed up things were without Nedry’s aid in shutting the park down. Hammond’s character is vastly different than the movie, Henry Wu is close to how his character is being portrayed in the new movies, and Grant was far more comfortable around children than the movie version. For me, the movie version of Ian Malcolm was pretty close to the book version.

      I haven’t read any of Crichton’s other books and would be happy for any recommendations.

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      Oh, Micheal Crichton was such a great author. I did like Jurassic Park movie and books. I don’t think if they adapted book faithfully it would work out that much, so first movie is ok, but after…

      If you didnt read Sphere, then do, one of his best works. Also Timeline is good. Well, I think if you pick any of his book, it would be either good or excellent. I have been wanting to read his all remaining books for a while now.

      You can also watch his movie Westworld, it’s old, but pretty good.

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        Oh yeah, I loved all the Jurassic park movies, except for the third one, due to a particular spinosaur

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      Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes is fantastic. Spielberg was developing an adaptation back in the day.




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      Thanks. I’ll definitely check those out. I remember when the movie Disclosure came out with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore and I was surprised when I learned that Michael Crichton wrote that novel as well.

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      Michael Chrichton is amazing. I love Timeline, it’s one of my favorite books.

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      I’ve read Crichton off and on for years.  I was so disappointed that the movie version of the Lost World was nothing like the book.  I thought that book’s themes were so much more interesting than the jump scares Spielberg put in the sequel.

      As for other Crichton books, my favorites were Sphere and State of Fear.  I haven’t read Sphere in a long, long time, so I don’t know if it holds up, but State of Fear is still good and relevant.

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        The novel version of the Lost World felt more like a suspense, detective story and would have loved it if Spielberg had done more of the “investigation into InGen” that the book did rather than the InGen mercs coming to get the dinosaurs. Definitely a situation in which a smaller cast would have been better.

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      Late reply.

      Rising Sun is horribly dated, but I think it would still be enjoyable.  I remember being completely let down by the film, which changed everything, including the murderer.

      As Tuggs mentioned, Timeline is highly recommended.

      Disclosure was fantastic and an oddly prescient answer to “me too” extremism.

      State of Fear is a must.

      Airframe bored the shit out of me. Never finished it. Pirate Latitudes seemed to meander with no real poimt.

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      Not sure you can go wrong with any of his books. Can’t recall reading one of his stories that I didn’t like.

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