Mobile Suits VS Imperial Walkers

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      Which of these do you think would win a fight?

      The Imperial Walkers from the Star Wars Franchise or The Mobile Suits from the Gundam Franchise?


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      Winner Mobile Suits.

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        Dude! Mobile Suits FTW no doubt in my mind on this fight.  It almost wouldn’t even be a fair fight.

        Now lets put some of these Mobile Suits up against a Basilisk war droid!  Now I think that would be a fair fight.

        Basilisk war droid2

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      Mobile Suits, no question. The AT AT Walkers are too cumbersome. They can’t turn and maneuver very well. A mobile suit could jump on the back of one and ride it like a mechanical bull (someone needs to do a fanart of that). The only chance a walker would have would be if they hit a mobile suit dead on with their primary cannons BEFORE the mobile suit was made aware of the walker.

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        I would say that the AT-TE (the walker during the clone wars) would have a better chance, because at least it could fire from more angles.

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          Good point. Also would a AT-TE be able to defeat a Mobile Suit.

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            I still think the Mobile Suit would win.

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              I get your point since Mobile Suits have a more Humanoid Appearance.

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      Imperial AT-AT’s would’ve technically been flanked by Stormtroopers, Blaze Troopers, AT-ST’s, AT-PT’s, AT-RT’s AT-DP’s, AT-DT’s, AT-MP’s, not to mention Tie aerial support and other support vehicles, aerial, ground and artillery.  Some AT-AT’s had defensive turrets for AA and stronger legs.

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        Good Point although the Mobile Suits will be the victors of this battle.

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      Maybe, but not if the Sith Lord or Dark Jedi jumped out’ve the AT-AT and  turned the tide,lol.


      I did like the more updated  battles in Dark Empire back in the early 90’s, lots of Imperial walkers, tanks,  troopers ,  wardroids abound.The Shadow Droid was an interesting concept, the Tie/D’s made it into neo-canon which I guess kinda cool.  I also liked TFU games, I loved the Purge/Dark Troopers and Bio/Terror Droids.

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      I think the course of the battle would determined by the time of mobile suit. If we’re talking original series mobile suits, the Empire would stand a better chance than if they went up against the Gundam Wing or Seed suits. Wing Gundam’s Buster Rifle or Zero’s Twin Buster rifle would make short work of the bulk of the Empire’s forces. Add in Heavy Arms’ armaments that could provide long range fire support. Bring in Deathscythe with his cloak and he can get in close to the walkers while Sandrock and Nataku maintain a perimeter, keeping the Empire’s forces within a certain area.

      Most of the G Gundam suits would require very close quarters combat (with a few exceptions), so I think a large Imperial presence could give the Gundams some trouble.

      Seed’s suits, I think, would be on par with the Gundam Wing suits in terms of being able to hold their own against the Empire.

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      The ”weaker” Gundams like OG, Zeta etc would win easily. The stronger ones, like Infinite Justice, Destiny, Strike Freedom, 00 Raiser (maybe even Wing Zero and Double X) would sweep the whole empire on their own.

      I’d say an original Zaku vs Imperial Walker would be a pretty decent 1v1

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