Monster Hunter 6–What I don’t want

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    Going to be talking about Monster Hunter 6. Now in my previous post, I speculated aplenty. Now I still feel as if the game might try to have a gimmick, nonetheless, I want to talk about things that shall not be in the game!

    *Paywall: I know that newer monster hunter games have a few dlcs such as voices, layered apparel, and other customizing things that seem rather pointless to have for it is not the main point of the game. Now I know that the current monster hunter games don’t have its content trapped under a paywall(besides its expansion but that is something different to the full released base game). I think many of us will not be bliss if Capcom keeps most of the content away from us! paying 60-70 bucks for a game, then getting to know that in order to unlock most of its content we need to unclose our wallets!

    *Streamlining: Monster Hunter has had a plethora of shifts in its grind to make it more accessible to newcomers. Obviously they tried to keep its identity to its fullest but with Rise straight out ignoring tracking(obviously sacrificed for wyvern riding) and completely gave up on the hot drink/cool drink aspect of the game. Many may think that the hot/cool drinks were tedious but I protest! It became part of the game’s identity since second gen(if I’m not mistaken). Not all games need to have a realistic approach to keeping warm and cool in harsh environments. This game had a unique way of making you feel the experience better! With the drinks: not only do they add the illusion that you are safe for a while under the hot/cold skies, but also bestows a sensation of fun. World/Iceborne made combing the lands to find ingredients much easier and more accessible; so even if you have forgotten these drinks, crafting them would be easy to do(plus much easier with the automatic crafting). Item management is non-existent; you can amass a superabundance of items without no issue. I don’t think trying to make slight shifts to the game terrible but I feel that completely taking out fun aspects of the game and its identity really vexing.

    *Wokeness: I know this is quite strange to place upon the list but I have to be truthful. I have my doubts… the game could be woke. Now some may define the series to be already woke which doesn’t make sense at all. Wokeness is not like normal diversity or normal character creations, it is simply light politics being pushed to sound kind and caring. Wokeness doesn’t have a place in this series but I fear that it could have seeped in. The woke aspect I found from Rise, was the erasure of normal male and female terms. The instead opted to go with the rest of the game company crowds and shift it to Type A and Type B. It doesn’t make sense in the slightest to change these terms. This idea of appealing to the tiniest of the tiniest really sucks. Once you give the woke a taste, they will cling on your company and demand you shift everything to suit them. Creativity dies with wokeness. Now it is not just about the male and female terms, it cascades downwards even more. The censorship of armor to appeal to those who are offended with it. Back in the day, having such revealing armor used to be seen as progressive. That was just a decade ago! I am not joking! They think its morally okay to have the female armor censored. If it was still a decade ago, these people would be cheering these armors on. I have a feeling that sony might be the one to censor it. Ever since they moved to Cali, they have become pro-censorship and anti-creativity. Creativity spans far and wide but wokeness, like the comicscode of the previous century, only lives to conquer, never to allow the freedom of creativity.

    Many may seem that Capcom won’t go woke but I have an eerie sensation about this. Maybe I’m wrong…well, I hope I am wrong.  I just want to have fun not to be lectured about some crazy twitter nonsense.

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