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    I wanted to watch an old movie today called Bloodsport, I’ve seen it before along time ago.

    I had to buy it and the first thing I see is 40% Tomatometer…fuck off.

    But I said to myself there’s lot of issues right now with reviews so I decided to watch the movie and take notice of problems.

    Yes there’s some poor acting by the kids in the beginning but that only last a few minutes.

    Than we see the main character Frank Dux (pronounced dukes) go through the character progression of his bonding with a second family and developing his fighting skills he’ll need for the story (funny how a good training montage is missing from movies these days).

    So with his skills established the plot is Martial artistists around the world seek out a tournament that is deadly but it is a matter of tradition and honour to display different fighting styles and win, Dux feels compelled to take up the surrogate families honour because the last capable descendent dies and so the challenge begins.

    Dux is part of the American Military and his commanding officer is trying to stop him from going to Hong Kong to compete in an underground potentially lethal tournament, the question is why do they care what an officer does in his personal time while on leave? This is the weakest part of the sub plot.

    Without giving everything away the fights are the best part of the story, some people are there to compete and others are there for bloodlust.

    Chong Li serves as the antagonist and provides the extra motivation to prevail.

    So for me the weakest parts of the movie are some of the acting by kids at the start than several side characters.

    Than the military Sub plot is the worst part, each time they were trying to interfere I felt like it didn’t make much sense that the Americans would spend so much time and resources on one guy doing some underground fight.

    For me it’s a 6 of 10.

    It’s trying to be a 7, for me a 7 is a solid good experience, minor issues but everything else is good.

    I looked at the “critic’s” comments and to my surprise this movie was reviewed several times last year and a couple this year.

    “Bloodsport has zero cinematic merits and is an apology for violence”

    WTF are you talking about????

    “The contest format is hopelessly repetitive and inert, the characters would seem underdeveloped in a comic book, and the restricted setting ensures that the action will never develop any real scale or velocity”

    Underdeveloped? The whole first part of the movie sets the development you fucking idiot.

    “A well-plucked turkey, humourless and plagued by a script full of stilted mumbo-jumbo”

    Did you even watch the movie?

    And we are suppose to trust these people?


      Rated 7.0 here, which is close to your own rating:

      Bloodsport @

      That’s the site I personally use for movie ratings.  I mentioned in another thread this morning that I’ve found the ratings there more accurate; you just proved my case. ;)  To be fair, it is rated about the same (6.8) at IMDB, which I use a lot for cast info in particular.


      For me the only thing keeping it from being a 7 was the sub plot.


      Film critics have always been kind of useless when it comes to genre films. Many classics of the 80’s like Escape from New York, The Thing, Predator, Friday the 13th, First Blood, The Hitcher… where all widely shit on by critics back in the day.


      I was very late watching The Thing for the first time just recently and it was fantastic.

      People still talk about that movie today, the entire plot was spell out for me which is what got me to want to watch it and I loved it.

      Escape from New York has some small issues but I liked that too.

      Predator is excellent, it’s every predator movie after that slowly killing it.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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