My Arcade Game ‘Doom Roller’ Coming To Steam

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    I’m an indie dev and have some side projects and a larger game project I’m working on. Plus I’m still working on bringing a new tabletop RPG board game to market. I’m doing all these things at once because I like pain. I’m a sith lord after all!

    One of my smaller projects, Doom Roller, is planned to be released on Steam at the end of June. Players will be able to design and share their own levels easily. When I make a new game I try to push my envelop and do new things. For this game I did something new with the materials for 3D models and lights. I’m pleased with the results.

    Clicking here –> will take you to the teaser trailer on YouTube. I plan to have an actual game trailer out before the end of May.




      Sounds great!

      I love games that allow level design and sharing!

      I still dink with Stunts from time to time!


      Thanks! The last video was a teaser trailer. This one is a game trailer featuring game play. The game has both cyberpunk and classical music playlists. I’m showing the classical music in this video because if I play the cyberpunk music I have to buy another license for this video besides the license for the game. So if you want to hear the different cyberpunk tracks you’ll just have to buy the game. I know, I’m evil.

      Any suggestions on the lighting? Too dark or just right? I’m in the process of coding a feature to let the player adjust the lighting. And yea, epilepsy warning! As with most games.


      Best of luck, gamedev ain’t easy that’s for sure. Never heard of the flax engine, is it solid?


        So here is something that’s somewhat specific.  I am red/green colorblind.  So yes red an green can get confused but it tends to give me a general issue with contrast.  So for example, to me it seems like the ball is roughly the same pallet of colors as is the boards it is rolling on.  For me that makes it a little tough to distinguish the 2.  Especially when it’s a low light situation.

        Just an observation.


        IllTemperedTuna  – The short answer: Yes.

        The long answer: The Flax engine is at version 1.8.2. You can program in C++, C#, and it has fully functional visual scripting.  The Flax editor is similar to Unity’s editor but is not as nice to look at. It does work on Windows and macOS arm64. It is reported to work on Linux (Ubuntu) but there is a laundry list to go through to set it up and some people have reported having issues with it on Linux versions that aren’t Ubuntu. In my opinion it appears to manage memory much better than the Unity engine. I’ve done tests and on my test game builds the Flax engine always has higher FPS(about 20 higher) and takes up less RAM than the builds of the same test game for Unity.  The system I use is a 6 core i5 at 2.5Ghz, 32 GB Ram, gtx 1650 4GB vram.

        The Flax engine does not have an asset store. However, you can easily port assets from Unreal, Unity, and Blender into a Flax project.

        The following from Flax engine website

        Seamless C# and C++ scripting
        Automatic draw calls batching and instancing
        Every asset is using async content streaming by default
        Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, PS4, PS5. Switch, Xbox)
        Realtime Global Illumination (DDGI and reflections with custom software raytracing)
        GPU Lightmaps Baking
        Visual Scripting
        VFX tools
        Nested prefabs
        Large Worlds (64-bit precision for worlds coordinates)
        Localization tools
        Online services (Steam, Xbox Live, PSN)
        Networking for multiplayer games
        Animation tools and features
        Behavior Trees
        Cloth simulation
        Open World Tools (terrain, foliage, fog, levels streaming)
        Hot-reloading C#/C++ in Editor
        Gameplay Globals for technical artists
        Full source-code available
        Direct communication and help from engine devs
        Lightweight development (full repo clone + compilation in less than 3 min)



        Vknid – Thanks for the feedback. So if there was more light in the level, ambient light, would that help? If I put in a UI option so the colored lights could be changed to just white light would that help as well?


          I watched the video again.  I think just more light and or more contrast.  Maybe just the typical “gamma” option?  That or just have the ball a different color than the floor but one that is a contrast to it.  That’s just my take on it.


          Ok :) Thanks for the feedback. I’ll increase the default lighting a little and add a UI for players to set the lighting to their liking and get more contrast between the floor and the ball.

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