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    Last week, I showed my room to Jeremy and the other premium members and I blew their balls away. Here is all the games I own currently. Tell me if any of y’all ever played any of these.2014-12-15 23.11.122014-12-15 23.06.122014-12-15 23.14.572014-12-15 23.19.272014-12-21 02.50.442014-12-21 02.55.122014-12-21 02.58.522014-12-21 03.01.262014-12-21 12.58.312014-12-21 13.02.082014-12-21 13.03.422014-12-21 13.08.432014-12-21 13.10.292014-12-21 13.19.242014-12-21 13.21.422014-12-21 13.24.152014-12-21 13.25.562014-12-21 13.48.552014-12-21 13.52.022014-12-21 14.23.422014-12-21 14.30.422014-12-21 14.34.442014-12-21 14.37.062014-12-21 14.39.01127059345_869861510425419_2693116715017646966_n127135513_1261285887572808_8776358099862262343_nDSC00192DSC00193DSC00194DSC00195DSC00196DSC00197DSC00198DSC00199DSC00200DSC00201DSC00202DSC00203DSC00204DSC00205DSC00206DSC00207DSC00208DSC00209DSC00210DSC00211DSC00212DSC00213DSC00214DSC00215DSC00827DSC00216DSC00878DSC00879DSC00880DSC00883DSC00884DSC00888


      Nice collection Johny. Played some of them, also own some of them too but there are titles there I did not know even existed. Certainly nice to see.


      Incredible collection, man.


      Sorry that my pictures look too blurry. I took new pictures I can re-upload later. But thanks! :)

      If y’all have a gaming collection of your own, I’d like to see it.


        I would show off my collection, but for some reason the site keeps telling me its not the right format. That is a nice collection.



        Oh thank you, you have helped me with this information.


        Sure, here’s my video game collection! It contains oldies like as Mario and Zelda, as well as contemporary hits such as The Witcher 3 and Overwatch. Always on the search for new treasures

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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