Netflix Loses Half a Million Subscribers

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    The popular streaming platform said that an estimated 430,000 domestic users had unsubscribed and attributed this loss to the COVID-19 pandemic causing “lumpiness” in their membership growth.

    Isn’t it great how you can just use COVID as an excuse for all of your failures? Like if your boss walks in and asks why you’re not doing your job, just say “COVID!”

    Breitbart recently shared a rather interesting take regarding Netflix’s current dilemma, attributing the loss in subscribers to the streaming service’s overabundant emphasis on left-leaning, woke content.

    As evidence, the news and entertainment media outlet points to the fact that company co-founder and director Reed Hastings donated a sum of $3 million to fight against the referendum campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) –  proof of the co-CEO’s left-leaning tendencies.

    Of course Hollywood is funding Democratic politicians

    Furthermore, Breitbart also pointed to a study conducted by OnePoll which revealed that 1 in 3 are ready to end their streaming services over the abundance of uninspired shows.

    Regarding respondents who were planning on ending their streaming platform subscription, 46% said that Netflix was the platform they were more likely to cancel. In contrast, only 34% of respondents were planning on canceling their Hulu subscription, while another 34% said that they planned to cut back their use of Amazon Prime.

    The study also revealed that respondents believed “Tiger King” was the most over-hyped show of the pandemic, with similar pandemic-popular series such as “I Care A Lot” and “Schitt’s Creek” considered by respondents to be “overrated television.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with the last one. “Tiger King” was certainly interesting, but because of the lockdowns I think it got overhyped


    Before, the streaming services were all proclaiming that due to people being forced to stay at home, paid subscriptions would JUMP up.

    Now, they are losing it because people had a chance to see exact WHAT was on the streaming platforms and decided their money was best spent elsewhere.


    Personally, I had cut my cable two decades ago, and my satellite services over a dozen years ago,

    I refuse to buy a license to temporarily view streaming content (which can be pulled/edited/etc) at any time.

    I buy physical DVDs when they are offered… and at the right price.

    A new release DVD for $30-40?  I don’t think so.  $10-15 is more like it!


    There was a time I was told I had to cut the plug off my TV if I didn’t have a TV licence! That was from TV licencing!


    Well, the BBC (and the CBC here in Canada), do NOT deserve the funding they are getting.

    If I can stop my tax dollars/licensing fee from paying for it, I would!


      Netflix is a hate crime against actual entertainment.


      The stuff on Netflix that always got the most views was old TV shows that are now gone from Netflix and on other services.  Most of the Netflix original stuff is disposable trash that’s forgotten a week after it’s released. Recently they put out Netflix original movies Gunpowder Milkshake, and the Fear Street Trilogy. Both of them vanished from Netflix’s daily Top 10 in like 5 days. Meanwhile the 10-15 year old Twilight movies have been in their Top 10 for about 2 weeks now.  Seems like everyone would rather watch old stuff.


        I think they changed models too late and they chose the wrong model. They are (ironically) the BlockBuster of streaming services. Amazon has the best model where they turned into a marketplace that you can rent/buy most any movie for a relative small fee. Sure they make their own content but that’s mostly junk too and I think they know it.

        Netflix went all in on their own content which is something I would not put out a dumpster fire with for fear I would offend the fire.


          Netflix, went Woke and is going Broke.

          They started out right, even had good modeling. Then they went the “Binge Model” ok not a bad thing,problem is when you do that many can binge 8 to 10 episodes in a day to maybe 3 days no problem. Well then you have nothing to hold people.

          They should when they make or get new content release no more than one Episode a day at minimum but better a Week. That is the proven model that works! If after the Episodes are all released you want to make them available for binge, fine great. But also have another show starting up to keep people there for new content.

          Then they went full on “production company” Again HBO did it, set the model for it and Stupid People in Hollywood keep trying to invent the wheel. Stick with the proven recipe. Is it really so hard to follow the time tested “Never let people know your religion or politics” and “Tell a good Story? You go woke you automatically alienate half the Audience. The other thing is stop with the 8 and 10 episode seasons get back to 25 to 30 episode season.

          But I do not think we will see that until they have lost so much money the Wokies are removed and replaced with creatives again.


          Interesting comment about the older shows and how those were preferred. I am one of those weirdos who has NO tv and No couch because I spent my early life as a couch potato and I hate zonking out to TV with a passion. The only time I caught Netflix was house-sitting for friends. Watched a few things and I enjoyed them: Witcher, The Liberator, Bolivar, and my favorite was called My Country: A New something and it was from Korea. In addition to the old shows you mentioned, another intelligent man I respect said that one think that Netflix was good for is foreign films and that film from other parts of the world made it worth it. Like Vkind mentioned, once you slide into propaganda and away from entertainment, you are going to lose people. This was another reason I left entertainment and sports behind. Too many preachy and political lies and brainwashing.


          They throw billions of dollars around for original content, but most people are probably hard pressed to name a Netflix original from the last 5 years outside of Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Tiger King.



          The BBC are panicking in the UK right now because so many people are giving up on their TV licenses. It certainly doesn’t help when they keep threatening the elderly to pay them. They tried to do this to my late grandmother a few years ago. The joke was on them; she never had a TV. Just a couple of radios. Yet they kept saying that she had a TV when that wasn’t the case. She even sent a photo of her roof which had no Sky Dish or anything to do with a TV.


          The BBC is panicking because they will be force to create “quality” and “meaningful” programming, and have to EARN their revenue via paid advertisers.

          Something no one currently working there knows how to do.

          Free tax funding = free to make garbage, lowest common denominator.


            Netflix will probably regain subscribers after everything locks down again.



            I disagree. I think if lockdowns are to return (which would likely only be in Democratic states), then I don’t all those people will go back to Netflix. I think after stuff like “Cuties” and “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” people just won’t come back



              I think lockdowns will come back to almost everyone. The D or the R makes no difference, they both love the power.

              And I hope you are correct about Netflix. That whole line from Kevin Smith about “they don’t care” was enough for me to cancel.

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