New pro women’s hockey league to launch in January

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    New pro women’s hockey league to launch in January

    A new women’s hockey league is coming to North America.

    Yet again?

    The Professional Hockey Federation and the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association announced a merger Friday, with an intention of starting a new league in January 2024.

    Why?  What changed?

    The new league will be financially supported by Mark and Kimbra Walter, with sports icon Billie Jean King, sports executive Ilana Kloss and Los Angeles Dodgers President Stan Kasten serving as board members.

    So, a new money sinkhole.

    Walter — who is the controlling owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, co-general partner of the ownership group of the Premier League’s Chelsea Football Club and holder of a significant interest in the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers — said the league will have the backing and resources it needs to represent the very best of women’s hockey.

    Isn’t that exactly what is happening with the WNBA – the very best of woman’s basketball?

    Which has yet (even after twenty years) is still a failure financially.

    The players’ goal is a sustainable league that pays a living wage and offers the competitive supports the male pros get.

    And the male pro leagues had to work for decades upon decades to get to where they are, and these entitled people want it over night? ! ?

    “The National Hockey League congratulates the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association and the Premier Hockey Federation on their agreement,” the NHL said. “We already have initiated discussions with representatives of this unified group regarding how we can work together to continue to grow the women’s game.”

    Hopefully NOT as a money pit drain on the NHL.

    The PWHPA was certified as a union this spring and has completed negotiations on a collective bargaining agreement. A 62-page CBA was presented to PWHPA members on Thursday night, and they have until Sunday night to ratify it and the new league’s constitution…

    Does this mean if the PWHPA rejects this, the deal/league are dead?

    If approved, the deal will run through 2031 and features a minimum salary of $35,000 for players on active rosters…

    Considering the PHF only played 24 regular season games, that is over $1,000 per game minimum salary per player on the active roster.

    The North American league is expected to start with six teams — three in the U.S. and three in Canada …

    The PWHPA has almost 100 members listed on its website…

    That equals approx 17 players per team is all 100 are placed on those six teams.

    Looking at some of the past PHF team rosters, they had around 25 players per team.

    Don’t know how many were considered “active”.


      “The players’ goal is a sustainable league that pays a living wage and offers the competitive supports the male pros get.”

      Wow, the  woke score on that sentence is pretty high.  I count 3 woke words/ideas in that 1 short sentence.

      I can see where this is going. It will be losing money and full of men dressed as women in no time.

      equity vs equality, equity will commercially fail every time



      Consider this:

       Los Angeles Dodgers President Stan Kasten serving as board members

      The organization that celebrated a HATE GROUP, and is for wokeness, how can they controlling this league not be a complete success?

      ~answer:  it is not.~

      I almost expect all the jerseys to be rainbows.

      I almost expect all the uniforms to be covered with ads like the jerseys in European Ice Hockey.

      And like you @Vknid suggested, it will only be a matter of time before MALEs who “identify” as female infiltrate this woman’s league and make a mockery of female sports.



      The more I look at these unprofitable leagues the more I believe they’re like all of the other Social Justice Organizations that purportedly are there to “support” equality and representation — they’re money siphoning operations.


      Imagine you’re running a business that has next to no customers, marginal sales and continually receives healthy inflows of interest free capital to keep it going. Furthermore imagine that you’re able to collect a big fat salary cheque each month for years on end all with very effort on your part.

      It’s the perfect scam.


        “Imagine you’re running a business that has next to no customers, marginal sales and continually receives healthy inflows of interest free capital to keep it going.”

        So I think you just described a not insignificant number of companies.  This is the whole ESG thing.


        Zombie Corporations is the term I heard for this type of organizations.

        Once the free capital dries up, it quickly shuts down.

        And what better way of laundering money than thru such companies.

        I am not a tax expert, but for those corporations giving out all those funds, they must have some sort of tax credits that makes it worth it to support such ZOmbie Corporations.


          “I am not a tax expert, but for those corporations giving out all those funds, they must have some sort of tax credits that makes it worth it to support such ZOmbie Corporations.”

          It does not matter, the taxing bodies look the other way as those departments are weaponized against the people.

          “Once the free capital dries up, it quickly shuts down.”

          So long as the company does as the ESG pushers wish they continue to get the funds.  I suspect this is how Twitter operated for so long without making a profit and became so bloated.  Think about it, compare Twitter in 2021 to Twitter now.  In 2021 Twitter’s income was a loss of 221m. In 2021 Twitter had about 7,500 employees. Twitter as of Jan 2023 had about 2300 employees as reported by Elon Musk.  I think it’s dropped since then.  What were those other people doing?  I wager propaganda and censorship.



          Even if there aren’t any immediate financial benefits to the orchestrators of this attempted subjugation of humanity they’re probably looking at the funding of these tactics as a long-term investment.

          But the thing is they cannot force everyone to be compliant.

          And the other thing they’re ignoring is that even the subjugated have a breaking point. Take away all that a man has and he has nothing to lose. At best he becomes indifferent at worst he becomes your enemy.



          It seems the PHF left its players in the dark.

          ‘Our lives were pretty much ripped open’: PHF stars in limbo amid unification of women’s hockey

          In the PHF’s place, there will be one professional North American women’s hockey league with a collective bargaining agreement ratified by the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association — a group that held out from joining the PHF in its fight for sustainability.

          So now the PWHPA had it’s league, while those whom stayed with the PHF are in limbo.

          “Our lives were pretty much ripped open in a 10-minute Zoom call,” Grant-Mentis told CBC Sports on Tuesday. “People made investments, bought houses, bought cars and stuff, and now we don’t even know if we’ll be able to have money to pay for it, if we’ll have to get another job. There’s just so much unknown that it’s really disappointing that we’re in this position when we’ve worked so hard to build up the league for the last couple of years.”

          And by VOIDING their contracts, that uncertainty is very much real.

          She said she hasn’t received any information beyond the initial Zoom call — not even a copy of the CBA. Instead, she’s learning about the new league through Twitter and the PHF leadership committee, an 11-woman group formed in the wake of the takeover.

          No one from the PHF players got to see nor vote on this CBA?  How nice!

          Packer, the 32-year-old from Birmingham, Mich., said she was excited to find out there would be one unified league. Still, she acknowledged the overwhelming uncertainty, especially surrounding PHF players.

          The competition was bought out.  That is what this feels like.

          Still, with most of the North American national teams sitting as PWHPA members, it is likely the new league has little room left over for even the best PHF players.

          “I think a lot of us are feeling that way where it’s like we kind of did put in a lot of time, a lot of effort really just to be sold to basically start it all over again from scratch, which is not a great feeling,” Grant-Mentis said.

          As a comparison, it is like when WWE purchased WCW, and soon all the athletes from WCW were let go.

          Star players from the PHF, if they still want to play, will have to make ALOT less, if they get signed at all.

          And how with the PWHPA players feel with having former PHF players on their teams, when they decided to keep playing/build up the league, instead of seating out/forming a union, and fighting to get someone with deep pockets to meet their demands?

          Packer was hopeful that the league would expand quickly, and that there would be roles in some capacity for whoever wanted to be part of the league.

          “There’s definitely going to be people that get left out and that sucks. But without those players, none of this happens. And so I hope as the dust settles we can find a way to actually mean that and show that to those players because that’s 100,000-per cent fact.”

          Only time will tell.


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          I tried to watch part of one of their games.


          I could not finish even till the end of one period.

          It looked/felt more like a scrimmage, IMO.

          Definitely not for me.



            You know what’s wrong with you not liking a female sport as much as a make one?  Nothing.

            Preference is not racism or sexism.

            Bias is not racism or sexism.

            Assumption is not racism or sexism.

            Preference, bias and assumption alone have nothing to do with hatred or feelings of supremacy. What does have to do with hatred and supremacy are simply hatred and supremacy.

            It all gets conflated for political agenda and because frankly it garners money and influence. If BLM does not constantly “find” racism and talk about it constantly, their river of money runs dry.  And then they lose influence and then those whom would use that influence go someplace else.

            Equity is the antithesis of equal opportunity.


            On April 24, 1996, women’s basketball announced “We Got Next” as the NBA Board of Governors approved the concept of a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) to begin play in June 1997.

            and during that time…

            The WNBA has never turned a profit in its more than twenty (20) years of operation.

            The league loses roughly 10 million dollars a year…

            I don’t know if the current ownership wants their new “league” to be a money pit like the wnba.  But then again, looking at whom that ownership group is…



              Great info man.

              Women having their own league is great.  There is zero wrong with that but if it does not make cash it does not make cash.

              If I decided to hold races of 2 legged dogs and make it “The New Sport” and tell everyone it’s the new thing and they don’t like it.  Am I to blame for running a poor business idea or are the customers to blame because they rather watch Greyhounds race?

              I am not comparing women to 2 legged dogs.  I am being facetious purposely to highlight the silliness of it all.

              And before someone get sideways about dogs.  I grew up next to an old lady that had a 2 legged dog.  That dog was f’ing wonderful.  This was long before they gave dogs wheels.  They dog was as happy as any other dog to drag itself over to you and lick you in the face.  That was a LONG time and and damn I am old. I miss that dog.

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