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    Falling on deaf ears I know, but you should all be watching the Stanley Cup Finals. The playoffs this year have been pretty great, and Florida — of all places  — is writing  a hockey story for the ages.


    Two teams, both their second visit to the Cup finals, both Stanley Cup Champion virgins.

    One team will win its first Stanley Cup Championship this year.

    The Vegas Golden Knights and the Florida Panthers.

    I am almost hoping the underdog 8th seed Panthers (with Tkachuk) wins it.


    Well, Vegas took game 1 with a final score of 5-2.


    To be fair, the game was a lot closer than the final score looks.  Not the best game of BOBROVSKY’s career, but he’ll fix it up next game.




    Vegas took game 2 with a final score of 7-2.

    The Golden Knights are now just two wins away from their first Stanley Cup Championship.


    Florida better find an answer to Hill soon, or they’re Cinderella season is done. To be fair, if Bobrovsky could see through his teammates, things would look different. If the Florida D picks it up again (and stops helping blind their own goalie), and Hill just turns out to be having a good streak that ends, this could be 2-2 awfully quick.


    Game 3, late in the 2nd, and Florida is playing sloppy for long periods and not making good on power plays. Bobrovsky is playing pretty good, but his counterpart on the other side is too.  Vegas up 2-1 with a little over 1 left in the 2nd.

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    And Florida won it (well after midnight here) in overtime, after Tkachuk ties it very late after returning to the game. I feel bad for people who don’t watch hockey. What a game.


    Knights 3 – Panthers 2…. Knights lead series 3-1 and can win the Championship Tuesday


    Really coming down to the goalies. If the Panthers can’t shake up Hill, it’s over next game. He’s what stopped the comeback last night. Florida need Bobrovsky locked in for three full games of standing on his head, and they need to get Hill completely off his game for all three games.  If the goalies even play at the exact same level as each other, Florida cannot win.  Vegas is the better team on pretty much everything else .


    Game 5 was no contest.

    The Vegas Golden Knights not only won the game 9-3, but they won the series 4-1.

    More importantly, the WON THE 2023 NHL STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONSHIP!


    I also have to wonder, if the myth about touching the Conference Trophy, will be reinforced after the Florida Panthers not only touched it, but picked it up – celebrated – and took it to their dressing room afterwards.

    Only time will tell.


    That was a pretty brutal way to go out considering what they did to get there.  Still, Florida will always have my respect for this run ending Toronto’s first trip to the second round in 19 years (they still haven’t won a single home game past the first round in 20 now), and shutting down Boston’s incredible season. Really wish this one had been a little closer.


    And I am see youtuber after youtuber complaining that Vegas won.

    They won the Western Conference with the best record during the regular season.

    And was tied with Toronto with the 4th most points in the regular season. (19 points ahead of Florida)

    They also have over 50 wins (at 51) to Florida’s 42.


    As some have said/wrote, the ten days off, the loss of Tkachuk to an injury for game 5, how Vegas was able to play their game and not allow the Panthers to play their game, wearing down the Panthers, etc. all showed that in the end, the best team did win the cup.


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