NHL’s flawed diversity initiatives ?

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    NHL’s flawed diversity initiatives ?

    Ivan Provorov, a defenceman for the Philadelphia Flyers, refused to wear a rainbow-themed jersey as part of the team’s Pride Night celebrations on Tuesday, so he sat out the warmup as his teammates circled the ice in the special gear, which included sticks wrapped in rainbow tape.

    He then played in the game, and led the Flyers in ice time, saying afterward that he was being “true to myself and my religion.”

    We need more people like that.

    That advocacy apparently has its limits.

    You mean, bullying and blackmailing people has its limits.

    Provorov is Russian, one of a few dozen such players in the NHL.

    So what?  The NHL has players from many nations around the world.  Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, etc.

    This singling out one’s nationality shows the bias of this writer.

    The league said its Russian players were representing their clubs, not Russia, and that was that. FIFA and the IIHF may have booted Russia from major international soccer and hockey tournaments, respectively, but the NHL wouldn’t sanction individual players in any way.

    Why go after individuals, who had nothing to do with the policies of their governments?  Because they are easy targets for those bigots.

    The weakness of that position has only become more evident as the months have gone by.

    No, it is a strength.  Sports is to unify the world, not divide it like these morons want.

    In the early days of the Russian authoritarian’s war, it was easy enough to see the complexities of the situation in which the league and its Russians found themselves. Many have families back home and understandable fears for them.

    And that fear is still real.

    The league has a new Russian standard-bearer in Provorov, who in an act of sanctioned defiance has damaged all its efforts toward diversity and inclusivity.

    What BS!  What of diversity of religion?  What of diversity of nationality?  Being an inclusive league for all the top players available around the globe? ! ?

    Provorov, when he was asked last spring about the Russian invasion, didn’t even go as far as Ovechkin in calling for peace. “I’m not here to talk about politics,” he said then. “I’m here to talk about hockey.” When he was asked about Ovechkin’s wish for peace, he said he was willing to answer hockey questions only.

    As it should be.

    Hockey talk for hockey players.

    Leave the political crap to the media and politicians.

    Leaves sports alone for SPORTS!

    But those pushing agenda, don’t give a sh!t about anything BUT the agenda.

    They don’t give a darn about any one’s individual rights/opinions/etc.  as this article implies.

    Bow down to their agenda.  Do as they demand and fcuk your personal beliefs.  Their cult must force that onto people.

    People need to stand up to those bullies and their agenda and HATRED to those who don’t bend the knee under their dictatorship.


    My new favorite player. So few public figures ever say anything of substance. This is why I like Aaron Rogers more than Tom Brady. After the pandemic, the SBF and FTX situation, Brady seems lame to me while Rogers actually questioned things. Same with Novak Djokovic. You rarely see anyone stand up for themselves and state their boundaries.

    Ivan Provorov. Never heard of him until now, but he’s my new favorite player. Also, I did read someone who said something like how their own personal tolerance to gays was replaced by this coercive, oppressive tyrannical force demanding they wear pink or rainbows or kneel and all these orders and dictates.



    Sid Seixeiro demands a Million Dollar fine for the Russian hockey player, Ivan Provorov, who refused to wear an LGBT jersey, citing religious beliefs (Russian Orthodox). So the guy gets to attack Russia, Christianity, free speech, and push LGBT propaganda, all at the same time.

    “Ivan Provorov, a defenseman for the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, refused to join his teammates in Tuesday night’s pregame skate because he didn’t want to wear an LGBTQ+ Pride Night warmup jersey.”

    “Provorov told the press after the game that as a Russian Orthodox, he wanted to stay true to himself and his religion, adding, “I respect everyone. I respect everybody’s choices.”

    “I respect everybody and I respect everybody’s choices. My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.”

    “As Jack Posobiec noted on Twitter, “A chubby Canadian journalist” was seen “sobbing on air and pounding the table, demanding the Flyers be fined bc Provorov wouldn’t wear a Pride jersey.”

    “The commentator called for the NHL to fine the Philadelphia Flyers $1 million for allowing the player to opt out of the pride propaganda promotion.”

    article: https://www.infowars.com/posts/nhl-player-refuses-to-wear-lgbtq-pre-game-jersey-to-stay-true-to-myself-and-my-religion/

    Fat, no chin blubbery journalists who sit on their tuckus are crying.
    The salt must flow.
    Media members are so nonathletic and weak. They are revolting physically.


    Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10-12-33 Home - Gab Social


    Protecting groomers, and gay groomers who abuses male youths under their care, and penalize those that oppose the agenda?

    BIZZARRO world indeed!




    Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 07-15-11 NHL Player Says If He Wanted To Support The Gays He'd Be Playing Soccer


    “The lives of LGBTQ+ people are in danger unless everyone on earth affirms their sex by wearing the special uniform and saluting the special flag”

    What utter BS!

    Are in danger?  fear mongering!

    Unless everyone?  brainwashing!

    Special uniforms/special flag?  All must conform to becoming an NPC.

    “If (insert your name) refuses to show unquestioning fealty to our belief system…”

    All must worship at the alter of woke and believe in the agenda.  No other free will is allowed.

    Spoken like a true fascist!

    “…must be punched until (you) complies.”


    The SS and the KGB all did that to make people conform to their “belief”.

    The CCP and their social credit scores and their re-education camps are doing that today!

    Such and all dictators have no place in the modern world.


    Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 18-01-03 3ac4b08c6dcd294b.jpeg (JPEG Image 700 × 657 pixels)


    NHL Team Won’t Be Wearing Rainbow Warmups

    When the New York Islanders take the ice for warmups against the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday, they will not be wearing rainbow warmup jerseys.

    So what?

    …the team has cited an organizational policy against wearing specialized warmup jerseys before games. The team will also not use rainbow stick tape on Thursday, again citing organizational policy.

    And, so what?

    The Islanders are not the first team to not wear rainbow warmups this season. The New York Rangers also elected to not wear the jerseys last month, albeit without offering an explanation.

    Once again, so what?

    Why make a mountain out of a molehill.

    The Islanders have worn special warmup jerseys in the past, but only when mandated by the NHL. These occasions include Hockey Fights Cancer, Military appreciation and St. Patrick’s Day.


    They me ask you this, if it is mandated we have to celebrate ONE lifestyle choice, then why not the other as well.  I want a heterosexual celebration if we are being forced with this alphabet-mofia BS.  Do special treatment for special interests.  Sports should be for SPORTS, and NOT about messages or politics or agendas.


    Minnesota Wild are latest NHL team to abandon Pride jerseys

    The Minnesota Wild chose to abandon its plan for players to wear LGBT-Pride-inspired warm-up jerseys for their NHL game tonight (March.7th’23) against the Calgary Flames.


    Now the Wild join the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers as having abandoned Pride initiatives, seemingly because some players rejected wearing a rainbow for a few minutes.

    Forcing people to wear something that is offensive to appease by the alphabet mofia… no thanks!

    Yet the announcement of Pride jerseys — only to abandon the plan due to a player or two complaining — is another slap in the face of a community that is currently going through some things.

    With people starting to stand up for themselves against the bullies of the alphabet mofia!

    Hopefully the Wild do what the Flyers did, tell the public who the problem was, and let him answer questions from the media.

    So that the bullies of the alphabet mofia can try and cancel people who do not bend the knee to their agenda.

    Well F-U!

    I do not consider those people who refuse to bend the knee as “the problem”.  I find the alphabet mofia IS the TRUE problem.

    Don’t force your agenda onto others.  Problem solved.

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