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    A big milestone issue!

    And a big let down.

    Blockbuster is dead, and the new villain “Heartless” has his sights set on Nightwing.

    And just like Knightfall, the big bad prison is attacked by the villain and he arms and sets all the criminals free.

    Batman spent many issues tracking down and re-capturing all those was let out of Arkham Asylum (sure, they were super-criminals).

    Nightwing’s battle with KGBeast lasted 6 pages.  And unlike Knightfall when Bane broke Batman’s back, the main villain Heartless got away and Nightwing won the day.

    Then, the back portion of the issue deals with Dick and Bruce, and Nightwing with Superman and Wonder Woman.  And yes, they not only offered Nightwing a place in the Justice League, but also as it’s Lead.

    But, as they stressed, the Earth still needs protection, and what it would be up to Nightwing to determine what it would look like.

    And they answered it in this issues as well!

    Nightwing had called in “his crew” aka the Titans to help catch the criminals that were set free at the start of this issue, and at the end of the issue, they are all standing infront of a new under construction Titans Tower.


    The Justice League is still DEAD as a group.

    Long live their replacements… the Titans?


    To stay it bluntly, this issues feels like it was rush and the story was forced to be so cut short because they had to rush in the “Dawn of the DC” reorganizing of the DCU.

    Welcome to Nightwing and the “newest” Titans incarnation.

    As for how long the comic will keep just the “Nightwing” name is yet to be seen.


    BTW: Most of the heroes depicted on the cover NEVER Appeared in the issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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