No, FINA did not ban transgender people in women’s swimming

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    I keep hearing that they banned transgender people, IE biological men, from competing with women.

    They did no such thing.  They simply added a rule that said you had to transition by 12 to be able to compete with women.

    Yes, that effectively ban that 1 guy but I fear it will spur more sinister stuff.



    Its effectively banning them, as should be. But as anyone who would intentionally transition a  minor child to me is a Abuser  and needs to be arrested for child abuse and in reality to me crimes against humanity. An adult making a choice for themself is one thing. A parent doing it to their minor child should be a capital crime.


    I agree with you 100%.

    A transgender child is no different than a vegan cat.  Everyone knows who’s calling the shots.


    It is a great day for female sports, and biological female athletes.

    It opens the doors for other sporting bodies to do the same… protecting female sports.


    At the same time, this will also force people who hate males to push for them to chop off their penises and become a faulty facsimile of a female to a younger age.  I think that is why alot of those degenerates have been trying to create a “do not tell the parents” rules when it comes to their children.

    Abuse, both physically, emotionally and medically.

    If you are a grown adult and decides to do this, you are (in theory) mature enough to make those decisions.

    But as a pre-teenager?  NO Way!


    It is sad that this has to be said…. But if its woman’s sports I suppose the rules need to say Born Biologically female with no alterations. If its Men’s sports, born a biological man with no alterations. If it is co-ed then do not complain when men win a disproportionate amount of times over the women.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I agree that adults should be allowed to make their own decisions, if they are mature enough to understand the consequences. Kids however often want what’s in front of them. They see it on social media and want it (good looks, switching genders, etc.) as well. They also often change their mind at the drop of a hat.</p>


    What you described about children is also the case for most people up until around 21-25. That magical age where you realize you were so dumb you did not realize you were dumb.


    I remember the days where teenagers were taught to not make rash decisions that could negatively effect them in the future, and I’m only 23.



    That is really saying something.


    At the age of 12 I didn’t know what a LGBT+ person was. Not because I was ignorant, it was because it was something that my age group didn’t need to know about!


    I grew up in California, we knew what “Gay” was, for the most part as with straight couples so long as they did not flaunt it in public or shove it down peoples throats there was never an issue with the vast majority of people.

    There will ALWAYS be hate in this world, so you always had outliers to the above, but that was the rarity.

    We also did not have the entire alphabet to describe people I thing the first time I saw all the letters was maybe 6 years ago and it keeps getting larger. And I am in my 50’s. Gay was a sexual preference, no different than BI or Swingers etc. I knew people of all that. But again you didnt shove it in peoples faces. And to be 100% honest had a guy tried to compete in a women’s competition back then he would have bee told NO, and that would have been that.


    I think the whole idea behind putting gay, trans, etc “together” is to create a voting block that can be rallied and pushed to vote via fear.  This is the tact taken with all the “tribes” of the left.  They are all separate groups that don’t really share anything.  So they unite them with fear and boogymen.

    But I am with you and I am a Christian.  You are gay?  Fine.  That’s between you and God, you do you.  Just leave me out of it.  The same goes for trans or bi or even straight.  God granted us all free will, it’s not up to me to force you to live a certain way.


    We also did not have the entire alphabet to describe people I thing the first time I saw all the letters was maybe 6 years ago and it keeps getting larger.

    I believe the end goal is to add a “P” to the list.

    And that stands for.. p.e.d.o.s!

    They have been going after the youth for decades now, sexualizing them, trying to make the abnormal…. normal.

    Destroy what is a man and a woman.  Destroy the family.  Destroy acceptable norms.

    Bering in perversions.

    Like that failed male swimmer who decided he wanted fame and to “win” so desperately he decided to complete and beat biological females while still being a biologist male.

    Males in female lockerrooms, changing rooms, showers…. age difference?  Who cares if it is with teenage girls or preteens.  This sickos want to see ALL females naked before them.

    Then forcing it on the population that not only is this OK, being naked before such, that the next step in the grooming process will be made, and you are an -ist and a -phobe for now allowing it to happen to your children.

    Heck, how many teachers, both male and female, are being caught for sexual interference, inappropriate behaviour, etc.

    Just make it legal so these sickos can abuse the children.

    That, IMO, is where this whole alphabet-garbage is leading to.

    Sex with minors.  When marriage to minors.

    And why have a minimum age to abuse/have sex.

    This is the slope I see we are falling down on.



    They want so bad to add P they can taste it.  And by them I mean the elite nut jobs of the world.

    Hence all the sexualization of children and the huge push for it in the last few years.

    I mean kids in a drag bar, giving money to strippers with a sign in the background saying “it’s not gonna lick itself”.  That tells you EVERYTHING you need to know.


    PS – If you are a parent and you think drag bars for kids is OK, you are not a parent.  You are simply a sperm or egg donor and you don’t at all deserve the gift that has been bestowed upon you.



    You add “P” you will get Lead. The small minority pushing this will quickly be removed from the planet. Come on its the one thing even prisoners will remove another prisoner for. DO NOT MESS WITH KIDS EVER.

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