Nurse sues NHS for ‘forcing racist ideology’ on students

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    Nurse sues NHS for ‘forcing racist ideology’ on students

    Amy Gallagher, 33, is suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust alleging discrimination on the basis of race, religion and philosophical belief, as well as victimisation and harassment.

    We need lawsuits like this, and victories over these discrimination institutions.

    The mental health nurse, who is in the final stages of a two-year course in forensic psychology at the trust, objected to a lecture titled “whiteness – a problem of our time” in Oct 2020

    In another race lecture the following month, Ms Gallagher claimed she was told that “Christianity is racist because it is European” by a talk leader.

    Biased and racist lectures definitely.

    Paul Jenkins, chief executive of the trust, told her that it “has committed itself to an explicit ambition of becoming an anti-racist organisation”.

    You can’t be anti-racist while promoting racism.

    They are forcing Critical Race Theory onto people – you’re not allowed to disagree with it, or they will bully you for two years,” Ms Gallagher told The Telegraph.

    “I’m bringing this legal case to protect my career but it’s also the first test of woke ideology in the courts. The NHS is forcing someone to adopt a racist ideology and it needs to be stopped.”


    Dr Anna Loutfi, a barrister and head of legal at the Bad Law Project, said: “The ‘lack of belief’ draws attention to something that people are not talking about in the free speech world in the West, which I think is covered by the Equality Act under lack of belief, which is you have the right not to be forced to sign up a set of values or ideology with which you do not agree.

    “It’s quite one thing to censor somebody for wanting to say things that people find objectionable or offensive, but it’s really another thing substantively to force somebody to articulate a view that they do not hold, as if they hold it. That is what has happened to Amy.”

    And anyone else who has to endure this racist teaching.


      “Christianity is racist because it is European”

      Wow, how massively bigoted and ignorant.


      The Tavistock and Portman clinic has been the main centre in the UK for giving children puberty blockers and other similar mutilating treatment. However, more recently it has been told that it is no longer to do this.

      It’s not just race theory that is practiced at this so-called clinic, gender theory is too.

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