Oakville Resto Risks Hefty Fines & Welcomes Unvaxxed/Vaxxed Diners

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    Oakville Resto Risks Hefty Fines & Welcomes Unvaxxed Diners Without A Vaccine Passport

    Italian restaurant Zucchinis Cucina in Oakville says they will be allowing unvaccinated patrons to dine with them despite the new vaccine certificate program in Ontario.

    The restaurant took to Instagram on Thursday, September 23, and posted a picture of a sign announcing that they do not discriminate “against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated.”



    So why did they do this?

    Ontario’s vaccine certificate program started on September 22 and requires all patrons to show proof of vaccination and a piece of photo ID before dining indoors and entering other public spaces.

    Show us your PAPERS!

    Businesses and organizations that fail to comply with the province’s proof of vaccination policy can face a $1,000 fine or a maximum penalty of up to $10 million based on prosecution under the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA).

    And with PROOF people fully jabbed CAN get and spread covid, this is clearly discrimination legislation.

    Medical “experts” want ALL people (jabbed and non-jabbed) to continue will ALL measures (social distancing, masks, etc.)


    Oh look, someone remembered what tolerance used to mean.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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