Obi-Wan was an absolute loser after the Prequels

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    In Episode I, you see a young Kenobi have the talents and skills to kill a Sith Lord. In Episode II, you see him mature into a mentor. In TCW, you see his care for people, especially civilian populations at every opportunity, and even saving the lives of his enemies at times. In Episode III, you see his true mastery in dueling, killing both General Grievous and, he assumed, Darth Vader.

    Fast forward twenty years to the OT and what do we get? A Jedi who has just been sitting on Tatooine for decades, doing nothing while the galaxy suffered under the Empire. At some point during this time, he has figured out that Darth Vader is still alive and serving the Emperor, but he does nothing with the knowledge. He just waits for Luke to be old enough to learn the ways of the Force and then abruptly dies without really teaching him anything. He then almost forces Yoda to train Luke and then tells Luke he has to kill his own father, something Kenobi himself didn’t have the guts to do at Mustafar or anytime after.

    Yet, since it was our introduction to Kenobi, people don’t question if these choices fit Obi-Wan’s character. In the general fandom, Obi-Wan is often regarded as one of, if not the best character in Star Wars. I never thought that after really thinking about his character arc as shown above.

    I’ll end with this question: Would fan opinion of Obi-Wan being one of the best Star Wars characters be different if the films had come out chronologically?


    The announced Obi-Wan series is supposed to fill in the gap of what he actually did between Episode III & IV.


    And since he is “hiding” from the Empire, I do not expect him to be flashy, but to remain in the shadows.

    Doing the odd mission(s), but staying as a mysterious figure.

    ie. going to some jedi places to remove/destroy anything the Emperor could use.  A cloak and dagger type of show is what I expect.

    And then we can see how talking with the force-ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn, his former master, and what Obi-Wan needed to know about the force to become a force-ghost himself one day.

    Hopefully they can better explain why Obi-Wan did not recognize the Droids.  We known C3P0 had his memory erased, but not R2D2.  So R2 knows Obi-Wan and how much Obi-Wan had interacted with those two droids in the prequals.  The explanation I have read before I never found satisfying.



      Really @DarthGregious, shitting on Obi-Wan on the anniversery of Star Wars’s releas?? There’s more dignified ways to point out someones flaws




      Sorry you feel that way @DigiCat. I will admit I used a bit of a clickbait title, but I was just trying to start a Star Wars conversation about a beloved character on actual Star Wars day. Maybe I should have added I don’t dislike Obi-Wan as a character. He’s awesome, but he just doesn’t hold as much weight with me than he does with other people, so I wanted to see how others view his portrayal when contrasting each trilogy.


        Yeah i did over react, i did have a shitty day, but i’ll make sure to finish it off on a high note by re-watching A New Hope

        About Obi-Wan, i have no problem pointing out that he’s made some pretty dumb decisions, even thruout the Clone Wars, guess after being shat on all day seeing that title, i just felt for Obi-Wan, i mean it’s not his fault, after all he’d been thru in the prequels, by the originals he was completely broken, and yet he still did his best to protect Luke


        Star Wars will always be a thousand times more popular than Dune, but Kevin J. Anderson left Star Wars to go write Dune with Brian Herbert and I really like their prequel books and story-fillers a ton. It is strange that, after all this time, I am very much hooked on the Dune books, while I find the Star Wars ones to be a let down, including the good ones.


        I think the same thing could be said about Yoda, but I think the crushing defeat in episode III and the realization that their connection to the force wasn’t great made them stick to their exile.

        But to be honest, I don’t see how Disney is not going to mess Kenobi in the upcoming show. The idea of Kenobi facing Vader seems like it could only create holes in the story.


        I think there is a way that they could write it where it wouldn’t leave any plot holes. However, since this is Disney Star Wars, best to be cautiously optimistic.


        If it is a KK approved script, it is DEAD on arrival.

        Her agenda is to destroy all male characters, their legacy, etc.


        I can’t wait till this “civil war” going on at Lucasfilm to come out on the Light (good) side, the Darth KK and her death troopers are destroyed!


        Really @DarthGregious, shitting on Obi-Wan on the anniversery of Star Wars’s releas??

        Dude that is all bitch has ever done. Doesnt matter what day of the year it is.

        As for the upcoming show; Krazy KK and her story group have made it quite clear that Obiwan will be destroyed to fit into the RAT FRANCHISE non canon.


        Kenobi was given a task. Protect Luke. That means he never left Tatooine. VADER never set foot on Tatooine. They cannot meet in the 19 years Kenobi was in exile.


        But what if Kenobi force projects himself to defeat the spontaneous army of death stars that appear. Who else would be able to defeat Vader’s Sith non-binary padewan Darth General Grievouserette holding not 4, not 8, but 12 light sabers?


        Obi-Wan would use the schwartz, as Vader and Sideous would sense if he used the force.

        < BWAH HA Ha ha >  🦯


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