Occupied Mariupol is already getting the Kremlin treatment


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    The city of Mariupol is an enraging example of why this conflict can be viewed with a Europe-Eurasia-Asia framing. Mariupol is a northern coastal city on the Sea of Azov. In 1991 Mariupol became part of the newly independent Ukraine. In 2014 following Euromaidan the city was seized by pro-Russian separatists, and then by pro-Ukrainian forces. When Mariupol was under the Ukrainian government, it was a 98% White city with European identity flourishing. In 2022, following the siege of Mariupol, Russia occupied the city. Amidst a landscape of destruction, the European character of the city was not spared. Summer camps for kids were replaced with communist re-education camps. “Freedom Square” was renamed “Lenin Square”. “Avenue of Peace”, the largest road in Mariupol, was renamed “Lenin Avenue”. Statues to Lenin were erected, primarily in front of schools. Tens of thousands of Central Asians were shipped in to settle the region.

    Mariupol in 2018 under “globohomo occupation”:2023-11-19 11.49.53

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    2023-11-19 11.50.34


    2023-11-19 11.50.46


    Mariupol when the Russian world arrived to “liberate” Ukraine:2023-11-19 11.52.57


    2023-11-19 11.53.122023-11-19 11.53.072023-11-18 10.14.14


      I am all for diverse information sources but The Guardian is like the BBC which is like CNN or MSNBC.  If they reported water was wet or the sky was blue I would assume the opposite was true until I checked myself.  They are propaganda outlets for the most part.  I never use them as sources for that reason.


      It’s always the same reply with you bolshevik anti-whites. You are more concerned that I used [ insert source ] than the fact that an entire nation is targeted for extermination by a blood-thirsty mafia obsessed with its messianic ideology and their genocidal hordes of central Asians. The content speaks for itself only when it’s convenient for you. Go on and assume that water is not wet and the sky is not blue then.



        How am I an “bolshevik anti-white” when all I did is say the The Guardian is such a poor news source it is not trustworthy.  You are here explaining your point of view and attempting to back it up with information.  If you are saying that the source of information is meaningless so long as it agrees with your point then you are just yelling into a void.  Lying is easy.  Propaganda is easy.  Obfuscation and subterfuge is a tool of many a propaganda outlet.  Those things very much matter.  But if you wish to simply name call, rant about what you think without any sort of discussion go ahead.  But most people will just see you as no different than any of the other zillions of people ranting mindlessly about ignore your point.  If you want to inform, discuss and possibly change minds I see that as far more productive.


        I don’t attempt to change anyone’s mind. I’ve lost my patience with all pro-Russia traitors. Support for Russia means support for the annihilation of Europe. Poland and the Baltic States understand this better than anyone  which is why they so fiercely support Ukraine. Should Ukraine fall these countries will be the next ones on the chopping block. On any other topic I can debate, discuss, agree to disagree. When it comes to the extermination or survival of a whole nation there can be no friendly disagreement.

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        Russia has always been playing dirty, and they are right now also pretty much in non-armed conflict with Finland too.


        In just recent months, they have cut a gas pipe and data cable between Finland and Estonia, and right now they are shipping hundreds of illegal immigrants to the border, leaving their options to get shelter from Finland or go to the frontlines in Ukraine, knowing that as they don’t have required documents Finland cannot take them in. And Russia refuses to take these people back, leaving them with nowhere to go, which is a violation of the 1951 Geneve refugee convention.

        The plan most likely is to stir chaos at the border and slip in Russia spies to a “russophobic country”

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