One Piece is the BEST show on Netflix, here’s WHY

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    Yeah, I really liked him as Zoro. I laughed myself silly when the other day the so-called stars/writers of She-Hulk complained that he was getting payed more than them. Here’s a tip ladies; WRITE A BETTER SHOW! Although Zorro is still my number-one swordsman and not, well, Zoro 😂! Ok, now I’m going to go before I confuse myself as to which Zorro I’m on about🤣🤪!


    @DragonLady Is that intentional? The namesake? Is it just a Japanese name or were they paying homage? Either way, it is very flattering because the sword battles on this show are very good and maybe some of the best ever filmed, just in an actor and entertainment and make believe pretend way. Obviously, Zorro had great sword fighting, as did Robin Hood and Princess Bride. You wonder if the other franchises are watching and taking notes?

    The different characters are very well defined. Also, you see the rapport and friendship that are the kind of friends people wish they had which is one thing that that will carry the show. I like the villain. The villain reminds me kind of like Captain Hook or Vincent Price, in that he has a great voice. He’s like a Sith Lord Captain Hook with those eyes and kind of comes off like a Castle Vania vampire with the cross and all.
    There really is something about that Spanish rapier character. Obviously, he does not use one in the show. I saw a video once of a Spaniard with Rapier and dagger and it was fascinating their angles and their geometry of fighting. He said a secret trick they use as a cheat code during duels is to throw a scarf or coat over the head or opponent’s blade.
    I liked the final duel here because anyone who has ever seen a top boxer training knows that the pro can stand right in front of a person and hit without being hit. I’ve seen it where the better boxer will make the guy just barely miss and only have to tap the guy with a jab to make him wobble. It is very humbling.

    Can’t believe I found it. I guess they call the sword art “Dexterity.” Has nothing to do with the show, but for the villain, they used a flamenco soundtrack, so it makes me think of Spain. This show One Piece is now making me crave one for The GreatCoats. There is so much footage online, but let’s face it, the dramatic and cinematic emphasis they are able to put on it in movies gives it a much more imaginative quality. I know some people liked The Duellists with Harvey Keitel. They also had that one By The Sword, which was a fencing movie, but I never got into it. One Piece has the youth, the color and the close-ups to go along with the sword fighting. Definitely comes off like a comic book with the close ups and the good faces.



    The best sword fighting I’ve ever seen on a film is on ‘The Mask Of Zorro’ followed very closely by the, um, 2011 version of ‘The Three Musketeers’😅. What I saw on ‘One Piece’ I haven’t seen since ‘The Three Musketeers’.


    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. What a beautiful movie. Stunning cast.

    The young hero D’Artagnan (Logan Lerman) and three of France’s most elite warriors battle their way across Europe to save king and country from a conspiracy led by deadly assassin Milady (Milla Jovovich) & the Duke of Buckingham (Orlando Bloom). A modern update to Alexander Dumas’ classic story



    You’re welcome! It’s done by the same guy that did the ‘Resident Evil’ films (I’m not surprised that his wife is in it😂) so expect it to be a bit cheesy every now and again😅.

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