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    Let’s have a dicussion about One Punch Man. Like for example, what do you think of this anime? How do you feel about One Punch Man getting a Live-Action Adaptation by Sony?


    I think One Punch Man is awesome. I would like to give this anime a Infinity out of 10 and I would like to recommend this Anime to DC Fans, Marvel Fans, Power Ranger Fans, and Fans of Superheroes and Comic Books in general.

    I am concerned about One Punch Man getting a Live Action Adaptation. Like seriously, I would rather get a 3rd Season of One Punch Man and Seasons that come after rather than a Live Action Adaptation.


    One Punch Man is an awesome series I enjoyed the first season. Sadly I need to watch the second season I heard mixed reactions about it, but I do have it on my “To Watch List”. As far as the live action adaptation goes I have mixed feelings about it I guess will just have to wait and see when it comes out.


    The show itself, I really like it.  Despite that fact that Saitama (sp?) is pretty OP.  Tho, that’s the whole point, haha.  The characters, I really like, even tho the bad guys are kinda lame looking.

    As for a  live action?  No.  1) Sony.  FUCK Sony.  They’ve just pulled too much BS.  I won’t support them.  I just can’t.

    2) Anime adaptations to RL… it’s just hard.  You really can’t pull off a lot of the stuff done in cartoons IRL.  Even with CG.    That, and it’s hard to get a good casting for the parts.


    I got my kid a wallet with Saitama and Genos (Sp?)  as he’s a big fan of it too.


    Yeah and to add to that a little, this is a satire of shonen Manga. Fans of anime understand this and don’t take it seriously and that’s the fun thing about OPM. I don’t think this is going to translate well to live action, or for a mainstream audience. Also, fuck Sony. Just needed to be said again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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