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    Anyone here been playing any Paradox Games?

    I was late to find out about Stellaris and Heart’s not Iron 4 but damn I’ve logged in some crazy singleplayer Hours in just over 1 years.

    1000 hours for Stellaris.

    And a disgusting 2107 hours into HOI4 😲.

    And that’s all singleplayer, just saying that feels like I’ve got an addiction.

    I can’t help it, I feel the call to play as Poland in 1936 to 1945 and beat up the Russians.

    Or play as Russia and wait for the German army to roll up and watch as they lose 7 million manpower trying to push into Russia.

    I’ve got an addiction for sure but what else am I suppose to do, play TLOU 2… fuck that.

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    I could never understand these games, and this is coming from a guy who plays Civ 😂


    I am a huge Crusader Kings II fan. Can’t wait for CK3 in the Fall.

    I picked up Stellaris a couple of months ago because I needed a fresh strat fix, and OMG I fell in love with it. I have yet to complete a full play through, because of constant restarts as my learning curve constantly shortened. Then all of the sudden I lost my itch to play, so it’s back on the shelf until I feel like going down that rabbit hole again. I haven’t gotten the Federation expac, yet, because I haven’t earned it, heh. I need to master the base game before I spend more money on it.


    But I am a total supporter of this studio. They make quality games, and I have not been unsatisfied, yet.


    Yeah I’ve had more than a few restarts for various reasons.

    The first time I beat the end game crisis I wasn’t prepared but eventually got there.

    There’s different crisis’s that can happen but all I can say is your gonna need some big fleets.

    If you mess with the settings you can set the strength of the end game, x25 strength looks terrifying.


    Last game I left off on I was sitting at 6 fleets of 220 each, and mid game crisis had not happened yet (I fudged that slider from default). Right now I’m in a colonizing phase because my neighbors are not threats to me anymore. So it’s time to grow then swallow more territory once everything is stable.


    Than my advise is obvious but next time drop the slider to 2300 or so.

    Yeah I’ve had a game were I got so far ahead of the others it wasn’t even funny.


    If youre a fan of HOI 4 and the Fallout games, you have to try the Old World Blues mod by Zapdude. It’s a massive overhaul that puts the game in 2278~ with the factions from the West Coast side of the games. Its getting relatively consistent updates and has several submods to add in new factions or options to existing factions. Currently playing as New Vegas and man the NCR once they lock eyes on you get pissssssed.


    Yeah my favourite to play as is the Desert Rangers, team up with the brotherhood and become the Steel Rangers.


    Screenshot0010I like surviving mars


    Hmm I don’t know this one, I’ll have to look it up.

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