Parler will be back!


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    People that believe Parler is a danger to society need to have their brain checked.  If you ever used Parler before, then you know people on there will criticism anything.  Amazon made a big mistake getting rid of Parler because when it comes back, it will be even more popular.


    #1. I wouldnt put money on it coming back. Hopefully, I’m wrong.
    But let’s be honest, Biden will, probably, try to create some law that forces the websites to not even be allowed to exist to begin with.

    #2. Why is this in the gaming discussion forum?


    I thought this topic was in the right section? Oy!

    Can I delete this topic and put it somewhere else?

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    Parlor is suing Amazon.

    By their contract, Amazon has to give 30 days notice of termination of the agreement, not 30 hours., etc.

    Add the fact all the other platforms that could hold it, as a cabal, refuse!


    They are also looking at damages, etc.


    And the excuse given by amazon that parlor would not police their product like how the leftists want, is not a valid point, while they allow twitter to call for the “hanging of the VP” as OK, but calls to support the men and woman in blue as racist and must be censored?



    Are you aware how many times they try to take down Gab which actually had way more controversial post on it. Parlor will be back regardless of the lawsuit and it will be back with a vengeance.


    On the bright side, this whole controversy allowed some of us to try new platforms. Like this G&G forum for example


    Do you follow G&G on youtube?


    They, the BigTech, made a HUGE mistake. It has cost them billions in stock market value — and we haven’t even hit them in the wallet yet.

    Within hours of learning that Amazon dropped Parler: I canceled my Amazon Prime membership, found three new sources to buy books, decided to move all of my non-foods purchases to other vendors, and decided to go non-exclusive with Amazon regarding any self-publishing products that I make. I then donated to BitChute, GAB and became a member here at G+G. I’m also looking in to getting a HAM license as a supplement communication mechanism.

    Additionally, all new technology which is currently being developed will have de-centralization in mind.

    Parler should be back. It might take some time. But it was a good lesson for all of us. Trump lured the tiger out of the mountain. Ironically, this is part of the 36 Stratagems which was written in China!


    I have never used Gab.


    The culture of woke, the message/propaganda is more important than making a profit.

    What do they care if the value of its stock dropped by $5 Billion, if they can stop free speech/competition.


    Yes I do, although if there was an alternative to Youtube I would watch it there


    Since I did post this in the gaming section, I would also like to add that many game companies continue to pander to SJW nonsense.  Creativity will continue to die as long as this is happening.  The fact that any mobs can get these companies to censor some of their own vision is quite pathetic.


    And what is worse, those same “outrage mobs” will not buy any of the items in the first place, even with the changes they demand.

    They are and have never been your target (purchasing) customers.


    I think companies are starting to learn not to make overtly woke games. Diversity or having a none white guy isn’t inherently woke but if thats the marketing focus or its the selling point then it becomes woke.


    If you to, there’s a message from the creator and a couple other people saying they expect the site be up and running by the end of the month.
    I still dont trust ISPs or the Government to not step in to try to silence free speech platforms but does seem like progress is being made, for now.

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